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The Best WordPress Themes for Food blogs

The Best WordPress Themes for Food blogs


Today we'll show you some of the best WordPress themes for Food Blogs - both free and premium!

If you've already seen our very detailed article on [how to start a food blog with WordPress](https://www.hostpulse.net/blog/start-food-blog/0{: target="blank"} you've likely built a plan already and made the first steps toward your new project.

You created a concept, thought of a name, possibly even bought a WordPress hosting and a domain (or at least, you considered where to geth them from) and overall, you're ready to start.

fast wordpress hosting

There is just one thing missing in regards to the beginning of your blog journey; getting the right WordPress theme.

Considering the fact that currently there are more than 30 million bloggers in USA alone, you know every little detail is important, so selecting the perfect WordPress theme for your blog can be quite a challenge.

On one hand, you need to follow some industry standards, as people dislike radical deviations from good practices, on the other, you need to distinguish yourself. Picking up the perfect theme for you might be a good way to do so - alongside great content, of course!

Before you select your WordPress theme

We've already written a detailed guide on how to choose the best WordPress theme, so we strongly advise you to read it. You will find a huge amount of extremely useful tips!

If you don't have the time though, we can summarize the main things you need to look for in a theme.

1.Think of what you need

The fact that you're in the food niche s already a good pointer, yet you still need to consider the specifics of your blog.

Do you tell stores, when you write down recipes? Many food bloggers indeed tend to be strong storytellers and indeed do that when they write about a particular recipe. If that's your case, you can go for pretty much any theme.

If your posts are almost explusively recipes, however, you should probably consider a theme that brings out the recipe and it's visually appealing on its own. Interesting formatting will be your best friend - colored fields, nicely designed steps etc.

blog recipe template

2.Check the technical specifications

It's important to check a couple of things when it comes to your future theme.

First of all, if you're already familiar with a specific page builder, it's best to see if the theme you choose offers it (or at least, if it's compatible with it).

RECOMMENDED READ: The Easy Guide To WordPress Page Builder

If this is your first WordPress blog, you can check the link above and see what the different page builders can offer you (and what is a page builder in the first place).

Secondly, make sure the theme is frequently updates, as this is very important. The WordPress platform s often updated - with up to 8-10 minor and major updates per year - and themes and plugins should be updated with it.

Leaving the CMS or the theme/plugins not updated for long time carries big security risks, and on the other hand, therefore, check the changelog of your theme to see how often it's updated. If you are bying it from Themeforest, the changelog ( a log of how the theme was developed through the years) is usually at the bottom of the page. If you don't see t, just press CTRL+F (or Option + Space for Mac) and search for "changelog".

how to find changelog on WordPress theme

3.Follow the best practices

It's true that they change over time, but it's still recommended to check out the best practices when it comes to choosing a good WordPress theme. Of course, you can always see the current trends, but it's also worth snoop around a little bit and see what issues have others encountered with specific features in their WordPress themes and what recommendation can they give you.

An example of such good practise is to avoid themes that are already slow on their demo site. It's true that you can make some speed improvements later, however, noticeably slow themes likely means bad coding and that hardly something you can fix.

Food Blog WordPress themes

Let's take a look at some amazing free and premium WordPress themes, that have been specifically designed for food bloggers.

Foodie Pro Theme

foodie pro wordpress theme

Foodie Pro is probably one of the most popular recipe themes. This amazing WordPress theme has been built on Genesis Framework (famous for its SEO-friendliness) and it's almost a work of art.

Its very simplistic, minimal look will allow a focus on photography - in other words, if you're planning on making breathtaking photographs, this is the perfect theme to make them pop up.

The developers from StudioPress have made sure that the theme is incredibly customizable, including several color options, a widgetized homepage, customizable header, extensive theme customizer etc.

For avid mobile users there is also an option to create a customized mobile menu. The theme is also coded to display the images on the large side, making the general feeling more contemporary and mobile-friendly.

Let's take a look at some of the options you'll see in Foodie Pro:

  • Customizable headers
  • Easy prieview on customizable options with the feature Live Preview
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • 6 layout options
  • Translation-ready
  • Email opt-in form on the homepage


Unlike our previous entry, Soledad isn't dedicated specifically to recipes, as it has several layouts - whooping 160, to be precise - however, it's so well built that it rightly deserves to be included in our lists.

The theme has been around for years and the experience of its developers is clearly shown in this well-designed product. In 2019 Soledad was one of the best-selling blog theme of the year, so you can say its many quality have been greatly appreciated by the blogging community.

soledad wordpress theme

Soledad features over 250 customizable visual options, which can be talso oggled off/on. The main consutriction of the blog offers four variations: boxed with color, body full width, body boxed pattern, and body boxed image.

The header alone has over 40 slider options which is truly astonishing and can help you vary the different sections of your blog. The recipe template is rather simplistic, but as with Foodie pro, this can be excellent if you have good photos on your blog, as it will bring them out.

It also has a mega menu (actually two) - Soledad has 2 mega menu versions: Columns Mega Menu, and Category Mega Menu.

Overall, it's a highly powerful and very customizable theme, so if you're looking for minimalistic view with a lot of flexibility, that's probably your theme.

Soledad will offer you:

  • High performance
  • 6886+ homepage options
  • 1000+ slider options
  • One-click installation demo
  • SEO optimized and mobile-ready


Like Foodie Pro, Foodica has been designed to help out food bloggers get the best out of their blog by offering a minimal, yet powerful theme.

This amazing theme is again rather simple, but offers several customization options that can help you through the randing process.

foodica wordpress theme

The nicely designed slider carousel gives it a jazzed-up and dynamic thouch and lately has been a must for all food bloggers, and there is an option to highlight promotions or events as well. Furhemore, there is an easy integration of WooCommerce, which simplifies greatly things for all the bloggers that plan on selling their own merchandise (or ebooks). Furthermore, Foodica offers ad and banners zones for even better monetization of your food blog.

A rather distinctive options is the visual customizer, a feature that makes it easy for the users to go in the backend of the website and change colors and fonts.

Of course, there is an easy access to recipe shortcodes as well, so if you're a storyteller and love to embed recipes within your stories, this is a perfect theme for you!

Foodica will come with:

  • Multiple ad zones for banners
  • Retina ready and mobile-friendly
  • Recipe shortcodes
  • Widgetized sidebar area for Meta data
  • The popular carousel slider
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce

The Vaux

This is another magazine theme which has an amazing food layout. Regardless of the fact that isn't to exclusively designed for recipes, The Voux delivers a smooth and contemporary experience.

It's a one-of a kind, modern theme that offers all the perks you need. A distinctive feature of this one is the beautifu social media integration for Instagram, so if you have an active feed, this is a great option for you.

the voux wordpress theme What makes this theme stands out from the crowd is the wide range of monetization options available.

Like Foodica, it has some great space for ad placement, so monetization is made as easy as possible. Furthermore, it has a revolutionary feature of shopping an item directly within the post, which makes things way easier for all bloggers who are considering affiliate marketing. You can do that even with images, which is truly amazing.

In terms of helping you make money, there is also another innovative feature - the video monetization.

The Voux also offers the popular Mega menu and header, which makes the visual experience when searching way more appealing. Full-screen galleries are also avalable and the theme is, of course, fully responsive.

With this theme you will get:

  • Shop the post feature
  • image shopping
  • Video monetization
  • Optimal speed performance
  • Infinite loading


Florentine is a sophisticated, cleverly-designed food blogs. If you open the theme, you can clearly tell that it has been designed specifically for people who are looking for a mediterranean feeling in their design.

The theme is feature-rich and widely customizable, with a huge range of different modules to choose from and tons of color options.

While it has the outlook of a traditional blog, the developers didn't left out the possibility for rating and bookmarking recipes, as well as creating an account in order to have a proper recipe box

florentine wordpress theme

Of course, it's highly customazible - as always. One particular option is the vertical menu you'll see on the side, where you can place some categories (as they did in the demo).

In Florentine, you can find the following features:

  • 19 different modules for optimal personalization
  • High level of customization thanks to the MeridianStyler feature
  • 5-star rating and bookmarking system
  • Minimalistic cook-mode that removes distracting elements from the page
  • Integrated email opt-in form


Cookely is another amazing food blog theme, designed by WPZoom - the creators of Foodica. The theme is truly fantastic, though the default color palettes and general feeling are a bit on the feminnine side. If this is the feeling you're looking for, you got it right here!

cookely wordpress theme

The layout is content-rich and not minimalistic for sure, yet t doesn't feel overwelming. As many of the other entries, Cookely is completely customizable without any need of coding knowledge and includes a ton of powerful theme options, colors schemes, blog layouts, and even a newsletter subscription section.

Also, the theme is fully responsive and therefore adapted to with mobile devices. You can easily find the recipe card blocks, various ad placements, Instagram feed, infinite scroll and widgetized areas in posts and home page.

Cookely will offer you:

  • 1-Click Demo Content Importer
  • 6 color-schemes
  • Multiple Ad Zones
  • Visual customizer
  • Theme Options Panel
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