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DDoS protected Shared Hosting by HostPulse

DDoS protected Shared Hosting by HostPulse

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Is your online business protected from DDoS attacks? Could it be your services are a finger snap away from vanishing into the unknown?

Cyber threats are one of the main reasons many companies fail to launch their products successfully on the Internet and are responsible for the termination of many online platforms. With HostPulse, you have access to a secure hosting environment with many extras and reliable security instruments. Our Shared Web Hosting plan has an unbreakable shield - free DDoS protection implemented as a dedicated hardware platform.

radware defense pro

Check out down below how we are securing your online services with the help of the professional equipment Radware DefensePro.

Have you ever been the subject of a DDoS attack?

According to statistics, last year, every third business was a victim of a distributed denial of service attack, and most of them were using shared web hosting for storing their online services.

The consequences of a massive DDoS attack are plain dreadful - they could harm your image and could affect your business in the long term. On the other hand, they can lead to significant financial losses for your company and even cause bankruptcy.

dangers of a ddos attack

Not to mention that behind a DDoS attack, there can be a little surprise – а hidden hacking attempt that aims at acquiring sensitive information or targets unauthorized access to critical business systems and platforms. There’s no way a business can even think that It can get away unharmed if that happens.

DDoS attacks are mainly caused by botnets – a large network of zombie computers or IoT devices, infected with viruses that cause them to send requests targeting a specific IP address or system deliberately.

what is a ddos attack image credit: f5.com

You can be sure that somebody is pulling the strings - it is an organized attack, and there is a person out there guiding the bots. He might be hired by the competition to hurt your business; he might be striking to hide other harmful actions, or he might be simply doing random checks on systems looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. It’s an actual army of super bots, commanded by an evil mastermind, no matter how you look at it.

If you have been “DDoS-ed” before you would know that there is no escape after the attack has already started. Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same…

You can try and mitigate the strike alone or you can trust the professionals and choose in advance a hosting service that has already implemented a much more reliable solution that is working 24/7 for your web sites and applications. When you are under attack you’ll need a shield, right?

If we're fighting an army of robots, we’re not bringing a bow and arrow. At HostPulse we take this DDoS threat seriously. We’ve got the best armor! We have chosen the specialized Radware DefensePro hardware - it gives our clients better protection and is believed to be one of the best security solutions on the market.

What is Radware DefensePro?

DefensePro high-end specialized equipment - it is a DDoS Defense & DDoS Prevention Device created by the company Radware, a global leader of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions.

The hardware comes with 99.99% protection against all DDoS attacks on the network level, it detects and limits even the attacks with the highest capacities and is packed with analyzing traffic filtering technology. That way, we can guarantee the seamless operation of your online services without affecting legitimate traffic of your web sites.

With Radware DefensePro, you don’t have to feel vulnerable against all the emerging DDoS attacks that rain terror and ruin businesses every single day. And you don’t need to gather a group of superhero dudes and beings of exceptional abilities to defend your world. We’ve got you covered!

How does Radware DefensePro work?

Radware DefensePro combines adaptive behavioral analysis technology with high-performance specialized hardware in order to deflect and prevent large-scale DoS and DDoS attacks. It gives you 99.99% protection against DDoS attacks on network level and ensures your systems and applications are always up and running.

DefensePro guarantees your services will be available at any time even during an ongoing massive attack. It protects you from all L3 and L4 flood attacks and prevents connectivity channel overflow, encrypted SSL attacks, brute-force attacks, CDN, and SSL-based flood attacks.

With the help of the analyzing traffic filtering technology, the hardware monitors all input requests and distinguish a DDoS attack from sudden heavy traffic to your site.

DefensePro is using this strong competitive advantage to the maximum – no other similar service offers such level of security and customer care.

The hardware gives you reliable protection from day one with its predefined rules adapted to deflect a sudden surge of unwanted requests. And after 30 days period in which the service is self-learning and training about the traffic you usually experience daily, it gives you even better protection and preventing inappropriate requests to your web site filtering the traffic even more effectively.

Radware Defense Pro is a device that works with its own IP network. By using a secure IP address, Radware DefensePro monitors your website or online store, analyzing the traffic and taking timely action to protect you.

DDoS Protected Shared Hosting by HostPulse

Radware DefensePro is a hardware that is included for every web hosting plan by HostPulse. It is free of charge and working for our clients all the time. That way we can guarantee high productivity of your websites, platforms, and other online projects. We’ve seen a suit of armor around our hosting world and made it happen! Check our ultimately protected extremely powered-up hosting plans and suit up for the fight!

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