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Divi Theme Builder 4.0: An extraordinary Page Builder Experience

Divi Theme Builder 4.0: An extraordinary Page Builder Experience


Fans of the WordPress page builder Divi have been excited for weeks, awaiting the arrival of the newest version - 4.0!

The release was announced on October, 18th, and in the video 4.0 was called a game-changer - apparently, for a good reason. While I found the update on their blog a bit vague, we had the time to check it out, so let's see some of the most important highlights of Divi 4.0 and what advantages will it bring to its users.

Key Concept in Divi 4.0 : Incredible customization

Divi's creators have always focused on having the option to customize your site. It seems that from the beginning, they understood the importance of giving their otential customers a chance to make something unique. So what's new in this area?

Divi 4.0 released

You can now customize literally anything - the header/footer of any page, category pages, product pages, 404 etc.

So, for example, you can create a custom header and footer for each page, which, to be honest for me, is much more exciting with variations that are adapted to the specific page.

divi 4.0 custom header

This seems like a tiny thing, but remember, when competitions is ruthless, these are the kind of details that may make the difference.

I'll use the opportunity to remind you that they have a great Header UI kit, available at their site, where you can check for some inspiration.

Of course, you can still create Global headers and apply them throughout the site, choosing to customize only specific pages.

You can also create a custom body for your pages, which means that you are no longer confined within the layout of a specific template or kit.

The most important thing is - you don't have to customize them one by one any more! Creating a custom structure and applying it site-wide through dynamic content is what I consider the revolutionary part of their update.

divi dynamic content

There is also an option to personalize very specific pages, such as your blog post feed, the 404 , the archive etc. The 404, in particular, while not strictly necessary, was a nice touch, so this will give you the option to have some fun with it.

Several new features can be seen through the theme in order to take the customization even further, with things like the menu module and the Post Content module, post loop for the feed etc:

I find the e-commerce customization one of the best improvements (and the possibility to apply these changes site-wise, of course).

Product pages can get pretty boring at some point, especially if you've seen hundreds of them. A page personalized for your specific audience can really become that hint of freshness that everyone looks for.

VERDICT: You WILL love it, guaranteed

The level of customization that Divi's developers have achieved is truly astonishing. Marvelous content is imperative; however, personalized UI is also not to be disregarded.

The Divi theme Builder indeed is a game-changer, as they say - don't be afraid to upgrade and see all the incredible updates for yourself.

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