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Improve your website's load time with our site speed tools

Improve your website's load time with our site speed tools

Website Optimization & Security

Whether you are the owner of a big business offering a vast majority of different products and services or a thriving entrepreneur who is planning on a startup company, your website must be optimized to load in a couple of seconds. Having in mind the attention span of today’s consumers, it is essential to make your website really fast.

You have to realize that a minor delay might result in significant financial losses for your business. According to Amazon’s research, every second that takes to your website to load reduces the number of conversions by 7%. Another issue, we have to mention, is the negative effect that will have on your SEO ranking.

For these specific reasons, it was essential for us at web hosting company HostPulse to integrate different solutions that will let our customers optimize their websites easily.


CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) that will optimize your website’s performance. Thanks to its global network of 155 data centers, this CDN will make the static content on your site to open from the closest to your visitor server. That will result in faster loading time and happier customers!

Around 65% of the content on your website is static, and CloudFlare will take care of it. But there is another 35% of dynamic content which is harder to be cached. However, we want to offer you 100% optimization, so we have integrated CloudFlare Railgun – dynamic content caching technology, for even faster website.

If you have already activated CloudFlare, you will be able to take full advantage of Railgun as well. Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!


ActiveCache is a free caching tool in cPanel that allows you to enable either Memcached or Redis – caching tools which will save you hosting resources and will improve your website’s performance.

One of the major causes of your website’s slow performance is because of repetitive queries. You can deal with this problem by caching those queries in Memcache, so the next time they are running, the cached query will be executed. Memcache is useful for caching static content such as HTML fragments.

Redis is often referred to as a data structure server. It uses the so-called “data eviction” mechanism which removes old data to free storage for the new one. It does it intelligently by removing old data only when more free storage is needed.

Site Speed-Up

Site Speed-Up is another caching tool that we have integrated into our servers. The caching process of Site Speed-Up is not executed through PHP script request, which makes it even faster. As an additional option, this plugin gives you the opportunity to decide which links and cookies not to cache. For instance, if you have a forum page on your website or you use cookies that collect specific information about your customers’ actions, you can remove them from the caching process.


PageSpeed is a tool created by Google, and its main goal is to reduce the loading time of your website. Mod_pagespeed is Nginx’s module which rewrites the code of your web pages in order to boost their loading speed. It contains more than 40 filters that scan and optimize different parts of your web page’s code; it combines and minifies specific files; it optimizes content and removes metadata.

WordPress Management

WordPress Management is a tool that allows you to manage your installation easier. It is composed of 10 functionalities which give you the opportunity to optimize, clone, update and secure your website.

The feature that is mainly focused on your website’s performance is WordPress Optimization. From there you can optimize your site by activating two caching tools: ActiveCache and W3 Total Cache, along with PageSpeed and Site Speed-Up. Using caching tools will boost your website’s speed by caching different types of content. Thus, the number of requests sent to the database will be dramatically reduced which allows the infrastructure to process more users simultaneously.


You should never neglect the performance of your website. You might offer the best product on the market, but if it takes too long for your website to load, you have already lost most of your potential customers. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to optimize your website with our free instruments that you can find in your cPanel.

A mission of ours is to provide our customers with high-quality hosting services that will allow them to create successful online businesses. That’s why we can assure you that we will keep improving and adding more features and technologies in order to provide you with the best hosting environment.

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