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Top 10 WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020

Top 10 WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020


A lot of us are huge WordPress fans and it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are a lot of blogs dedicated to the popular CMS. From news to tutorials and complete guides, these blogs are an amazing source of useful information for anyone who’s dealing with WordPress on a daily basis.

Today we’ve prepared for you an extensive list of the WordPress blogs you can follow in 2020 and their specifics. Each and every one of them has something that can provide you with a unique value, so make sure to read their description in order o find out the most relevant to you.

Also, bear in mind some blogs might contain other topics as well (actually, many do) but these topics are still very relevant to online business owners.

WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020


Chances are, you already know the amazing guys from WPBeginner, yet we couldn’t leave it out, considering this is one of the most well-established blogs dedicated to WordPress.

If you haven’t, however, don’t let their name throw you off; while they do have amazing resources for beginners, they also have many in-depth articles that are directed toward more experienced users.


If you go to their main menu, the first item is “Blog” and in there you can find the different categories that can help you with specific types of issues. Most of them are self-explanatory, but let’s quickly go over the specifics of each section

  • the Beginner’s guide menu will lead to a place where you can see posts more suitable to novice users
  • the News section is where all-round digital news are published, such as new WordPress releases, Google updates etc
  • the Opinion section will bring to editorials covering different aspects of the digital world
  • the Showcase is mostly filled with list-type articles where you can find practical information on themes, plugins, tools etc the Themes category is dedicated entirely to WordPress themes and working with them
  • the Tutorials include posts dedicated to guides and tutorials about all thing WordPress and external tools you use with WordPress (such as Analytics, for example)
  • the WordPress plugins, like the Themes section, is a place where you will find articles exclusively addressing plugins and relevant specifics, recommendations, comparisons etc.

Recently, WPBeginner launched an easily followed, visual guide on How to start a WordPress blog, that can be of great help to all beginners. All you need to do is click on the large orange button at the top of the page “Start your WordPress blog in minutes”

The guide will then take you to choose which part of the process you need help with (for example, choosing a high-perfomance wordpress hosting) so you can easily complete the process.

WPBegginer just celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, so you can be sure a lot of valuable information is gathered there. Here’s their WordPress recommendation for 2020:

One of the great things about WordPress is that it comes with a powerful and passionate community of developers. My advice would be to get involved by attending WordPress meetups and events in your area. That's actually how I met one of my Co-Founders so I know this advice works. You never know the connections that you will make that could further your business. Most cities have their own WordPress meetups and there are also various WordCamps throughout the world. Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

2. WPExplorer

WPExplorer is another pioneer when it comes to blogging about our beloved CMS. The site has been around for a decade as well and the amount of resources they’ve gathered is astonishing.

Like our previous entry, they’ve sectioned their articles, although slightly differently. The blog part can be discovered in the main menu, where you’ll see the categories Themes, Free themes, plugins, Coupons and Blog. These are all places where you can find articles on specific topics, with the Blog one hosting posts that don’t fit specifically into the other categories.


The Coupons will offer vouchers for deals specifically related to WordPress and the Shop feature their own WordPress themes, in case you’re interested. The hosting section will present a general guide on what is web hosting and what providers you may find around.

The great thing we find particular to WPExploer’s blog is the variety of topics you’ll find on their Blog section, especially when it comes to digital marketing. They have a lot of tutorials and tips related to e-commerce, sales, CRO etc.

Another prominent topic there is the themes (in fact, they have a lot of themes-oriented articles too). This is what they had as advise on themes for 2020:

WordPress is super flexible and easy to customize, just don't forget to use a child theme. This way you can keep your site up to date without losing any of your changes! WPExplorer


CodeinWP is truly an informational hub, when it comes to WordPress. Their primary advantage, as you will discover, is the vast coverage of all topics related to creating websites.

Unlike most of the blogs, they do indeed cover the matter of coding, with an entire section dedicated exclusively to this - cheat sheets, code snippets etc.


A very particular thing about them is that they offer as downloadable almost all the resources they have on the site, making it rather easy to read them on a convenient for you time and device.

The other special feature you will discover on their blog is the Transparency reports section, where their CEO, Ionut Neagu, posts some very interesting articles in which he explores the challenges we all meet as digital business owners.

We would also recommend visiting the Inspiration section, where the staff of CodeInWP post editorials related to ideas and inspirational content when it comes to coding.

When you start building a new theme, always try to build something that is much better than everything that currently exists in the market, if you cannot do it, better look for something else. Ionut Neagu, CodeInWP

4.Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine will not offer your typical magazine layout, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find tons of useful information. They are extremely consistent when it comes to publishing, and their articles are very information-dense. Long-form content is very common in their blog, with some posts being over 30 min read time long.

One of the things that you may find distinguishable about Smashing Magazine is the fact that they launched a written podcast in November 2019, in which they discuss very interesting topics. Personally, we think that the format of the podcast (textual) is definitely something that rarely happens, if at all, and this kind of podcast can be very useful for people who get easily distracted when listening to audio recordings.

Their other special categories are:

  • Events, where you can find the schedule for the SmahConf they organize (their own events)
  • Job board, where people looking for designers and developers can post their ads
  • Membership, which offers indeed a paid membership option to their magazine, with many perks coming your way depending on the plan you chose

smashing magazine

Don’t forget to check their very wide array of article categories.


WPLift is another quite awesome WordPress oriented blog. Aside from their greatly build design that follows the material design principles (and the accessibility ones!) they have two very well-filled categories: Themes and Plugins.


We have found their Plugin directory to be one of the most extensive that exists, currently. Not only do they have an extremely extensive database of plugins, but also every plugin page features a detailed description on what this plugin is for and its particular features.

The other special category you will find on WPLift is the Ecommerce, where you will find a lot of articles specifically dedicated to the art of selling online.

You've probably heard everything all before - so let me just tell you about one development I find quite interesting. Blockchain & WordPress. A match made in heaven. Both communities that work in the same way together. There is a Dutch startup (WordProof) that makes it possible to place all your WordPress content in the blockchain to help you claim and verify the content that you publish. These kind of developments make me enthusiastic. Daan Tol, WPLift


WPTavern is a bit unique amongst the other as it’s composed exclusively by news. The WordPress digest, established in 2009, is famous for being the home of all kinds of WordPress news, developer announcements, reports about hacks etc.

One of the best thing you can rely upon them for is the fact that they are very quick to report any kind of news-like WordPress information.


If you are a fan of discussions, you may notice that WPTavern users conduct very active dialogue in the comments.

Overall, it’s a great place to keep an eye on if you want to stay on top of current events.


WPEka has their own plugins and themes developed, yet they offer a lot of in-depth content regarding other plugins and themes too. The blog is extremely minimalistic n design, featuring only four categories - Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, Interviews. This is perfect for readers who don’t like getting distracted when they read, as there is a minimal hassle on their blog.

The particular thing about WPEka (aside from their name) is the Interviews section, where you find interviews with a lot of people from the WordPress community, so if you like this kind format, you will certainly enjoy the blog.


WordPress is a vibrant, open, and thriving eco-system. As WordPress bloggers and entrepreneurs, it's our duty to keep it that way. And to build solutions that touch millions of lives across the world Jitesh Patil,Wpeka

8. Elegant themes

Elegant themes is home to the amazing team who cretaed the popular Divi Builder and Divi theme (if you are unfamiliar with it, I would suggest you visit our article on what are WordPress page builders).

While it's true that the blog mostly has advices and tips relevant to the Divi theme, they create an extremely valuable content and release new posts every day (sometimes even twice a day!). Not all of their posts are concentrated on Divi though - some of them are marketing and business oriented.

Their distintive move is that they often create videos coordinated with their blog posts; in fact, they have an incredibly well-developed YouTube channel, where you can find tons of amazing tips and trick.

Furthermore, if you are indeed a Divi user, you can benefit immensly from their blog and their vidoes, since they constantly post tutorials and freebies for their customers.

9. WPKube

WPkube is another fresh entry you can enjoy with your morning coffee. One of the best things I personally love about the blog is the extensive guides they have for WordPress beginners and how to start your own blog.

wpkube guide

While this is not unheard of (as a topic) they did create a rather detailed guide and invested a lot of time to explain the different aspects of creating a site with WordPress. In fact, when we reached out for a good tip, they gave us one of the most exhaustive and detailed tips we have:

Don’t forget to backup your WordPress website! One of the biggest mistakes many beginners make when starting a blog is not setting up a backup system. Most hosting providers offer automatic daily backups of your website for free. While it’s often reliable, it’s never safe to put the safety of your website entirely on the backups made by your web host. The backups your web host creates are usually stored on the same server as your website. And they could easily get corrupted or damaged if the server crashes or gets hacked. It’s always a good idea to have your own backup system in place, just in case something goes wrong. Thankfully, WordPress makes it very easy to setup a backup system. There are many free plugins, such as UpdraftPlus, that allow you to setup an automatic backup system that can be customized to store the backups in a different location. You can store them on a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Amazon AWS and even restore your website with just one-click. Make sure to have your own backup system in place from the first day you make your blog. Even if you never need it, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your site is safe. Dev, WPKube

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