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Free additional features in every HostPulse Shared hosting plan

Free additional features in every HostPulse Shared hosting plan


Here at HostPulse, we are not satisfied with offering you only high quality web hosting service and a vast majority of domain extensions, we would like to bring you more added value. That’s why we have decided to include a set of free features to all our Shared hosting plans, in order to make your journey even better.

Free SSL Certificate

At HostPulse we are all about the convenience of our customers. For that reason, we have recently integrated a new technology into cPanel – AutoSSL. AutoSSL is a technology that allows us to automatically install a free Comodo Domain Validated SSL to each and every customer of ours. That was a mandatory step for us because we want to offer the most convenient hosting services in order for our customers to feel fully protected.

Along with that, if you decide that you don’t want to use a Comodo SSL certificate, you have another option – Let’s Encrypt. You could easily activate it on your website from your cPanel – just a couple of clicks needed.

Whatever your decision is, having an SSL on your website is crucial these days because it not only protects the sensitive information of your customers, but it will boost your SEO rankings and your website’s speed thanks to the HTTP/2 protocol.

But we don’t want to annoy you with more technical information on SSL certificates. We’re sure that you got the point – it secures your customers’ information and enhances the performance of your website. However, if you want to understand how these certificates work, you can check our video below:

Free DDoS Protection

Another step in protecting our customers is providing them with free DDoS protection. А DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic.

The hardware that we are using is Radware DefensePro. DefensePro provides advanced DDoS prevention, protection and IoT botnet attack mitigation allowing us to offer a completely DDoS protected shared hosting.

For further information, you can check the video below:

WordPress Management – one-click optimization and protection

The next addition to your hosting plan is our very own WordPress Management. . It includes ten features that will make the management of your WordPress website easier and faster:

WordPress Install – a shortcut to Softaculous auto installer, in order to install WordPress.

WordPress Wizard – it allows you to find all of your WordPress installations and quickly login as admin without the need to input your password, see the domains, paths and the versions of WordPress sites, or remove your installation entirely.

WordPress Optimization – you will be able to optimize the performance of your website by installing two of the best caching tools – W3 Total Cache and ActiveCache, along with PageSpeed and Site Speed-Up.

WordPress Security – Do you want to improve the security of your WordPress installation? WP Security allows you to activate Password Protection, Fix Permissions, and perform a Security check for most common WordPress cyber attacks.

WordPress Access – you can easily permit and restrict access to different directories.

WordPress Clone – using it, you have the opportunity to clone your installation including the themes, setting, and users in another folder.

WordPress Cron – this option replaces the default WordPress cron with another one which runs every 6 hours, in order to save CPU and hosting resources.

WordPress Update – to protect your website is important to update the version of your installation, themes, and plugins. Now you can do it automatically.

WordPress Checklist – it performs various checks and you can fix all if any, errors.

WordPress CDN – it loads all of your static content from a dedicated server, which improves your website’s speed tremendously and saves a lot of resources on your server.

You could find WordPress Management in your cPanel.

Faster website with ActiveCache

ActiveCache is a free caching tool that you can find in your cPanel. You can enable either Memcached or Redis caching technology, but whatever your choice is, both will improve the performance of your website.

Memcache caches a database query, so the next time it is running, it will execute the cached query delivering a massive boost in speed and cuts the resource usage. Redis is often referred to as a NoSQL database. It uses the so-called “data eviction” mechanism, which removes old data in order to free storage for the new one, but most importantly, both tools will improve the speed of your website.

As far as the performance of your website is concerned caching tools play a significant role. They will shorten your website loading time which, in turn, will improve user experience and SEO ranking.

CloudFlare and Railgun – highly recommended

CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) that will optimize your website performance. Thanks to the fact that CloudFlare has 155 global data centers, your website will load faster. This CDN makes the static content of your site open from the closest to the visitor server. And while we took care of the static content on your website, we have not forgotten about the dynamic one. Railgun is a CloudFlare’s technology that is responsible for caching the dynamic content on your site, making it even faster.

30 days Backup

An essential part of the maintenance and management of a website is the regular backup of files in case of unforeseen events. We understand it and we want you to be protected at all times. That’s why we provide you with 30 days Backups of your website, which you can find in your cPanel.

Here at HostPulse, we use one of the best backup software – R1Soft. It enables you to restore your website from the exact moment you wish. Every day, R1Soft scans your files and automatically backups the ones that have been altered from the last scan.

Softaculous Auto Installer

Softaculous is an auto installer that will allow you to automatically install different web applications directly onto your server. Once you find it in your cPanel, you can easily install over 400 different scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, phpBB and many more.

Free Migration

We got you covered. Our highly experienced migration team will take care of the migration of your website to us. We can help with the domain transfer as well.

So do not waste any more time! You can have a fast and secure website with shared hosting from HostPulse!

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