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Running a Small Business? Here are the Online Marketing Trends You Should Remember

Running a Small Business? Here are the Online Marketing Trends You Should Remember


Do you have any doubts that your clients and users spend hours online every day? You will find them on social media, news websites, e-stores, everywhere. And the circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic are just another proof that your business must have digital presence and online marketing strategy, regardless of your industry. Here are some of the most important trends you should keep in mind:

1. The potential of voice search

Voice search on Google has been around since 2011 but its rising potential has been noted in the past few years. It is not a surprise that users tend to rely more and more on the feature since our devices are getting smarter every single day. So, why typing when you can speak and ask your phone instantly? More than 31% of mobile users are already doing it at least once per month.

Voice searches turn out to be especially useful for local promotion of a business. However, you will need to go through several steps in order to optimize your website for voice search:

Do a keyword research – have in mind that voice searches differ a lot from text searches. They are longer phrases and usually - full sentences (mostly questions).

Structure your website and content properly – try to predict what questions users might have at every step of their customer journey. Will they be looking for more information on the product or will they be looking for to finish their order? It might be a good idea to structure your website arranging the categories for users with informational, navigational and transactional intent.

Structured Data Optimization – Text search results could be unlimited in number but voice search will show the user a single answer. This is why you should be very precise and appear as relevant as possible for Google to the search query. A significant step is to make your website easy for crawling by creating a sitemap and using schema markup. This would help Google understand what your content is about and increase your chances to be this “one” answer to a relevant voice search.

Consider creating Google Actions or Alexa Skills - These actions are essentially software that expands the abilities of Google Assistant (or Alexa) to interact with your content (or app if you have one). This would help you attract the attention of home assistant users.

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website – Don’t forget that voice searches come from mobile devices. It has been a long time since search engines began favoring websites that are optimized for mobile and this is where you should start from even if you do not see potential in voice search for your business. A key step for this optimization is improving your website speed by any means.

2. Content Marketing IS the king

The most powerful tool for digital marketers would play a key role for your small business, as well. In the 21st century people tend to avoid glossy slogans and exaggerated selling points. But they will be very thankful and loyal if you engage them with useful, informative and educational content that helps them make the right choice for their needs at every step of their customer journey. Not sure where to start from? Follow these B2C marketing trends that will help you increase your revenue in 2020 :

Do a deep research on your customers’ behavior – observe how they interact with your content, what makes them leave the website or why you have a lower CTR on your Facebook campaigns.

Personalize your content – create a buyer persona and use segmentation of your audience.

“Authentic” means “more attractive” – The idea behind this is to position and to brand your business being transparent about who you are and what you value. This will help you stand out from competitors offering products and services with similar features.

Experience is more important than the product – good marketers know that emotional bonds with a brand can create much more loyalty than great design and features which could be easily copied.

Focus on user-generated content– just because it is much more trustworthy than the one created by marketers, brand managers and salespeople.

3. Think locally first

Around half of the users doing local search in Google are likely to visit a location around them within a few hours. Here is why when running a small business it is a good idea to launch your digital campaigns with focus on returning local customers first. Positioning as a local business will help you establish trust and reputation that larger businesses could not have within the same audience. But how to optimize for local searches?

Think of how local searches look like - people usually include the location (city or neighborhood) in the search query, ask for working hours or directions.

Provide contact details – add information about your phone, address and other contacts on the website’s relevant pages.

Do not forget about Google My Business – this is essential if you want the search engine to show your address, display your location and add your phone number and working hours among the search results.

4. Go with interactive advertising and posting format

No content is more engaging than the one which allows for interaction with the audience. This is where your brand will “stand out from the crowd” and establish true connection with users. You will see many brands following the new rule and strengthening their presence on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and other media that used to be “forbidden” for the business just a few years ago.

But now the ones that dare to add a story and appear on IGTV have higher chances to catch your attention, don’t they?

5. Take care of your website

Actually, this one should be on the top of your list. The “face” of your business in the digital world is neither your Facebook page, nor your Google My Business page. It is your own website where you have full control over the structure, the content and the design. How you will arrange these will have a great effect on the success of your online marketing efforts. Here are some of the key steps for building a successful website :

Choose the right hosting plan for your needs – this will impact your digital performance, your SEO and the security of your data. Web hosting plans usually differ in the amount of space offered, number of website hosted and additional features for protection and optimization of the hosted websites. It all depends on your online project and your strategy to keep it well-performing and secured.

Pick a domain carefully - it should be short and memorable, and it should correspond to your brand and business activities. How to check if a domain name is free? You can use our domain search engine and register the chosen domain name with HostPulse.

Protect your website – you do not need to know how harmful DDoS attacks or lack of an SSL certificate could be for your business. Just remember to look for them as features in every hosting plan that you choose.

Optimize your website – having chosen WordPress as your content management system will give you “unfair advantage” in this case. This is the platform that offers the widest variety of options for optimization - plugins and tools that can make your website faster and more secure. By putting your website in a specialized environment (WordPress hosting) you can reach up to x25 better speed and much easier management of your content. Of course, many other platforms such as Joomla, WooCommerce, etc. offer field for optimization, as well.

Learn how to generate more traffic – the above mentioned steps will help you be more efficient when attracting users to your website. Check out our list of 34 ways to generate traffic to your website and promote your business more efficiently on the Web.

Interested in more marketing tips for your online business? Check out our blog for the most popular link building techniques, content marketing secrets, best marketing tools for small businesses and much more.

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