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Is it necessary to start a business blog?

Is it necessary to start a business blog?


Have you been asking yourself what misses on your website? What would the benefits be for your business from starting a blog? The way in which one business blog might influence your users might surpass your expectations. It is a marketing strategy that will help you reach your users and give them the valuable information that they are looking for.

To summarize still in the very beginning, the main benefits of maintaining a blog are two. The first one is that it helps the SEO on your website. The second – through your blog, you demonstrate your knowledge and passion on a specific topic, and that helps to position yourself as an expert in a particular field.

Few tips: If you want your audience to grow, write about topics that would certainly develop an interest in your prospects and are relevant to your business. It is necessary to take care of your blog and to be constant in order your fan base to grow and to look forward to your next article. Publishing blog post has to be planned as the best way to do that is to prepare a schedule of article themes that you have chosen.

Let us check the main benefits that you would create not just for your website but for your business as a whole:

1.The blog brings traffic to your site

Most probably you don't have so many separate pages on your website, but when your business blog is connected to it, each new publication creates a new page and another additional opportunity your site to be found by the search engines. When blogging, you also increase the audience that sees you through social media. It is because of the possibility of sharing by your fans and this way growing your audience.

To elaborate more on these two benefits, let's say it that way - when you first start your website, you are going to create the main pages, which you won't update regularly. And to be indexed by Google you have to come up with new web pages on your website. Is there a better way than publishing some quality blog posts? Every time you post a new article, your website will have the opportunity to be indexed by the search engines and drive even more traffic organically.

Internet Traffic

In addition, blogging is the perfect way for your company to be discovered via social media. Have you ever read an article that you found to be interesting and thought that your Facebook friends would find it useful as well? Well, if you publish quality content that brings value to your visitors, then they will be keen to share it on their social accounts. It's a great strategy if you want for your business to get exposed to new audiences and prospects.

2.Your blog will distinguish you as a specialist in the field that you are writing about

Creating useful content for the visitors on your blog might turn you into destination number 1 for your readers when they have a problem or a question in a specific field.


Going back to your blog repeatedly, you create one loyal fan base, interested in your brand. When one user finds a solution to a problem in your blog, in future, he might turn out to be a potential customer because once he has already received help from your side and the chance to trust your team again is significant.

This is a significant part of every company's inbound marketing strategy. First, you have to build trust with your customers by offering them something valuable. Once you have established this kind of relationship, you can start selling your products/services.

An interesting fact is that one of the first large companies that started blogging is Gillette. Back in the days, they have decided that the outbound marketing strategy wasn't working anymore, so they started focusing on the inbound side. They've created their business blog where started sharing shaving tips with their customers and promoting their products in a non-salesy way.

However, it's good to know that these types of techniques are working for large companies as well as for small ones!

3.Long-Term Benefits

And perhaps the biggest reason to maintain a business blog – the long-term benefits. The first days of your new publication, combined with spreading across social media, feel like the most successful but are not the most beneficial to your business. As time passes by, your blog post keeps ranking in the search engines, attracting traffic and new potential customers. That is why, in time, which you are writing your latest article in and you have forgotten for some of the posts from 6 months ago, you continue to reap benefits from it.

Blog Post

The truth is that you might not see the best results in the first week after you posted your latest article. However, publishing evergreen blog posts could generate new leads and drive traffic even after six months or a year after it has been released. For that specific reason, it would be so beneficial to maintain your business blog.

4.Generate Backlinks

Inbound or Backlinks are links on other web pages that link back to your website. As we have already discussed, with the blog articles, you could share interesting and valuable information/tips with your customers about solutions to their problems, your products, or the market in general. If your blog posts bring so much value to the table, they could be featured on other websites or blogs as well.

When other sites link to your information, it's a powerful recommendation to Google and its algorithm. It doesn't matter if you are offering a service, a physical product, or a helpful blog article when plenty of people are recommending it, then more people will want to use/read it. Other than that, these inbound links will help you increase your domain name authority and its search engine ranking.

5.Collect Emails

Another great benefit of creating a business blog is that you could collect the emails of interested prospects by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, exclusive e-book, or marketing material. Whatever your lead magnet is, it has to bring value to your visitors.

Collecting Emails

The main goal is to make them subscribe to have extra touching points where you will be able to promote your products/services.

In conclusion, delivering attention to your business blog brings benefits, which every digital marketing campaign aims to get. The copywriting skills are not for everyone, but with a little bit of training, you will be able to create texts that are interesting and beneficial to your users. The investment is worth it!

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