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WordPress 5.3 is here: What to expect?

WordPress 5.3 is here: What to expect?


We'll take a brief look at all the new things we'll see in the newest release of WordPress 5.3!

Users in the WordPress community are looking forward to the release of WordPress 5.3, which is scheduled for November, 12th. According to the schedule, released in make.wordpress.org the 12th of November isn't just the release date, but we'll also get to learn all the improvements which were beta tested for the past month.

Some of the changes might not be exactly as expected, but this happens pretty much with every major update.

So, what do we know so far about the new features implemented in WordPress 5.3?

Lots of new features

The new WordPress will bring us a variety of new features and improvements of the editor. Aside from some changes you'll see over the user interface, the functionalities we'll see there are clearly designed to make working with the CMS easier for the average user.

A new default WordPress theme

While many people aren't using default WordPress themes at all, this year's theme is honestly something that will make you reconsider.

wordpress 5.3

The new theme Twenty Twenty is based on another free theme - Chaplin - a popular WP design with over 800 installations. It was announced that the creator of Chapling also participated in the design of Twenty Twenty, which only makes sense.

The theme features a wide array of functionalities, such as featured image, creating layouts by using Chaplin theme's “Cover Template” option, color palette choice etc. It was designed using exclusively the Guthenber editor, so you can customize many aspects of your site just having these two default WordPress options.

This is the first default theme designed to enhance so severely the Guthenberg capabilities, and I'm positive Guthenber fans will definitely appreciate this fact.

The responsiveness is truly astonishing and almost anything designed on the theme looks great.

twenty twentyt

The default font - Inter - is sleak and elegant, contributing to a great readability experience.

Obviously, the theme isn't applicable to every project, but for your blog project (and especially considering how minimalism overtook the design in the past couple of years) I'd say is pretty great.

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Improvements in the editor

The block editor is another option where we'll see rather big improvements. The WordPress 5.3 editor will come with several visual options, and also, with an interesting possibility to group blocks through a drag-and-drop option.

We'll see improvements in specific blocks as well. For example, the Image block will offer styling - like the round shape, which is still dominating the trends. The table block will offer customization as well, although still kind of limited.

column stiling in wordpress 5.3

The Column block will have also a styling option where the user will have the option to define the columns width. Adding new columns is also simplified, which can leverage work when there is a design featuring multiple columns.

The "Button" block has minor, but significant improvement - first of all, links will now open directly in a new window, and also, styling will be now available for borders too.

button WordPress 5.3

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Latest Blogposts will allow the user to features those posts with a pre-defined leght.

Images will also be uploaded in a new and improved manner. Many users know that uploading pics from their mobile devices is rather hard due to the size. The new release will address this problem by saving automatically the progress of the process.

The "noindex" option will be optimized

Everyone knows that using that feature in no way guarantees your site won't be indexed by Google - in fact, most of the time it doesn't work at all. This will be fixed by replacing the current solution - blocking search engines via Robots.txt - with Robots Meta Tag.

Of course, compatibility with with PHP 7.4 is implemented and also, tests have been performed for some of the most popular plugins. As for web hosting, the initial test on our side didn''t show any significant differences.

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The new WordPress version is going to be exciting for a lot of people, especially for the Guthenber fans! WordPress keeps it's tradition to make things easier and doesn't fail to deliver with this release either. As always, be careful and get a backup of everything before you give it a go.

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