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10+ WordPress Plugins to Jazz up Your Site for Christmas

10+ WordPress Plugins to Jazz up Your Site for Christmas


Today we'll go through a list of Christmas themed WordPress plugins that will bring that Xmas spirit to your site

December is approaching fast, and this means some of the jolliest holidays are also just around the corner. You've probably planned your Christmas promotions; you created some banners, you may even have your media planning calendar all set.

What's next? Well, jazzing up your WordPress site, of course!

There is no reason to leave your website out behind and not dress it up a little bit. You don't have to do anything that complicated - sometimes even a festive header image or a decorated logo will do.

If you are ready to take your game a step further, though, today we'll be discussing some simple, but handy plugins that will help bring that festive mood to your online project.

As always, make sure to take proper precautions and create a backup of your WordPress site, or make sure the hosting company you're using offers daily backups. Installing new plugins always carries risks in terms of incompatibility.

1.Realistic Snow WordPress Plugin

realistic snow wordpress plugin

Realistic Snow WordPress plugin is definitely worthy of its name. If you open the demo, you will see the effect provided by the plugin - gentle, life-like snow falling down the screen. The animation doesn't seem to be visually invasive yet brings a lot of motion to your site.

The particular thing here is that you can choose a specific page, but also make the effect appear only on a particular container on that page (via ID). You can change the type of the snowflakes too (make them more paper-like) but then it would not be as realistic for sure.

There is also an option to prevent the effect from appearing on mobile devices if you decide that would be too much.

Price: $15

Demo & Download

2. WP Optin Wheel

email optin plugin

While this plugin isn't specifically designed for Christmas, it has several Holiday skins, such as Christmas and Halloween, thus making its way out into our list. The plugin can be handy, especially during the holiday season, where typically you'd see an increase in traffic.

Its primary purpose is to capture the visitor's email and collect it so that you can advance your email marketing strategy (if you are unsure how to do that, we've put together an excellent guide about email marketing ).

The plugin allows you to gamify the experience and make it way more fun by using a wheel option with discounts to motivate your visitors to leave their email. Honestly, for a free plugin, it comes with a large number with functionalities, including its own form builder and even the possibility to build your own theme. You can even link a specific slice, which is truly a great option (i.e. for example, offer a free product leading directly to it).

It's also easily integrated with popular services like MailChimp, which makes it super easy to manage the collected emails later.

Price: Free

Demo & Download

3.Christmas Card

chirstmas card plugin

The Christmas card plugin may not offer a lot of variations, but it's nine stiles are still a good selection of cards that can be presented on any WordPress site.

The interesting thing here is the addition of Christmas songs. While they are classics, we advise you, of course, to consider whether or not your typical visitors would appreciate a sound addition to your site.

There is an option to add your own logo, which makes the experience somewhat branded, even if it's not highly customizable (they do have a nice choice of colors though).

Price: $18

Demo & Download

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4.5sec Snow

5sec snow plugin

5sec snow is trending right now on the Themeforest market, and there is a good reason for that.

The snowflakes might not be as realistic as in our first plugin, but this pretty much this plugin's only downside. 5sec snow offers 8 options for snow customization, eight flake types including colorful presents & Christmas ornaments.

In fact, one of the coolest options is that the elements might be made into clickable links, so you can have, for example, falling present that is indeed a clickable element. Pretty cool, right?

The other amazing thing is that the script is highly optimized jQuery code weighting just under 5Kb. Last but not least, an updated version was just released in October 2019, which makes it highly unlikely to create some big compatibility.

Price: $19

Demo & Download

5.Christmas Greetings

xmas greeting plugins

As indicated by the name, this plugin will allow you to greet your visitors with special popups or animated effects. Providing an immersive experience sometimes is simple, as in this case. The greetings are highly customizable and will let you brand the experience in an amazing manner, also leading the visitor to store products, coupons, ecards etc.

The plugin comes with several effects, such as snowflakes, floating Santa, gift boxes, and others. The admin panel is also quite user-friendly, and notably, this is one of the few plugins in here already tested with the latest version of WordPress released (thus far).

Price: Free

Demo & Download

6.Magic Christmas Card With Animation

xmas card plugin

This one is another simple yet amazingly effective plugin.

The plugin will allow you to create on your site an animated Christmas card. You can then use it to wish Happy Holidays to your clients, or your colleagues or random visitors etc.

The specific thing about it is that it can be made into a popup that will appear at some point, and also, it's fully responsive, so no worries about the mobile devices. Another great thing is that on its top left corner, there is space where you can place your social media if you'd like to.

The animation is really great - visit the link below in the button and check it for yourself.

Price: $17

Demo & Download

7.Xmas Advent Calendar

xmas advent calendar

Xmas Advent Calendar is another very fun option that you will offer you the possibility to create a digital advent calendar and offer your visitors a present every day. This is a great marketing tool to ensure some engagement and motivate your visitors to return to your website every day.

The calendar offers several features, including 30 graphic resources exclusively designed for this particular plugin, 3 templates for the modal content, 10 toggle to choose, and 6 predefined background colors.

It's also fully responsive, so no worries there too.

An interesting fact we should mention here is that the company developer also offers a similar plugin, but for general deals - if you want to take a look at that, you can do it here.

Price: $17

Demo & Download

8.Scratch & Win Giveaways

scratch win plugin

Another plugin that hasn't been designed specifically for Christmas but has several holiday skins is the Scratch & Win Giveaways. The plugin offers a really fun and jolly user experience by showing scratch cards on your site - a guaranteed tool to boost your engagement.

The feature is quite versatile, as you can even set it as a popup with additional rules for behavior, for example, show popup when the user attempts to exit (i.e. on exit intent) or after a scroll percentage/time spent on your website.

Like the optin plugin we saw earlier, this one requires emails too in order to play (you can also set phone requirements). When the data is collected, the user is allowed to scratch the card for their chance to win.

Scratch & win is extremely customizable, and you can specify multiple prizes and slots, change the layout, add custom form fields, activate referral, play again etc. A cool option here is that the feature is available for Facebook pages too.

Price: Free

Demo & Download

9.Black Friday / Cyber Monday Mode Plugin for WooCommerce

black friday plugin

Technically, as the name suggests, this plugin has been created for Black Friday/Cyber Monday promos. However, as with other entries in our lists, they offer several skins and customizable templates. This fact compensates the price, as for some, it may seem like a rather expensive option at $59. Stay assured though, the money you will pay for it is well worth it.

Everybody knows the importance of communicating urgency when organizing a sale, and nothing stimulates more FOMO in potential customers than a big countdown in motion. This is exactly what the plugin will offer, with the countdown being in the header, visible at all times.

Not only the plugin is highly customizable, but the holiday topic selection is quite wide, including things like

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Sales
  • Easter Sales
  • Spring Sales
  • Thanksgiving Campaign
  • Flash Sales
  • Country, Mother's, Father's Day

From there on, you can change pretty much anything, including the header, the countdown options, the badge, the product grid, etc.

Price: $59

Demo & Download

10.Finale Lite – Sales Countdown Timer & Discount

finale lite

If you liked the idea of having a Christmas sale on your site (and a countdown to level up your marketing game), but the price of our previous entry seems a bit too high, we have a great alternative for you!

The Finale lite is a WooCommerce plugin that will allow you to create the feeling of urgency and scarcity that you search for when building your promotional campaigns. As we all know, these feelings are essential psychological triggers that will stimulate shoppers to take fast action and avoid missing out.

One of the coolest features of the plugin (that not even its paid counterpart has) is the Counter bar that can be placed around the products, showing the lowering quantity of specific products.

The plugin isn't limited to Christmas - you can keep using it afterwards in order to create other sales campaigns such as

  • flash sales
  • seasonal promotions
  • coupon code led discounts
  • pre-launch offers
  • daily deals
  • faster shipping deadline campaigns
  • instant discounts
  • early bird deals
  • recurring offers etc.

Price: Free

Demo & Download

11.Bonus round

high-performance managed hosting

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