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  WordPress for business - How to make a successful corporate web site?

WordPress for business - How to make a successful corporate web site?


WordPress is a unique and versatile CMS platform. Many web users still think that it is only used for personal blogs and sharing exciting life stories, discussing new movies, or giving the world their point of view. In fact, the CMS platforms are complex systems that help you build a solid web presence, create a successful online business, or make very profitable online stores. Find out how to benefit from WordPress to create a successful business site!


WordPress is a CMS system that helps you develop websites with little effort. You can make your first company page without any technical knowledge. WordPress helps small, and large businesses build an excellent online presence and reach thousands of potential customers.

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There are some main WordPress elements you need to know when starting a new WordPress site:


In the management panel of your WP site, you will find quick links to any part of your website structure - updates, posts, pages, plugins/extensions, widgets, and more. From here, you can set your website settings, configure your theme, manage tags, etc..

WordPress admin panel

Through your admin panel, you can create and manage your WordPress web pages in a fast and convenient way. With the new content editor Gutenberg, this task is even easier, and you can create many beautiful, optimized, and responsive pages with an intuitive “drag and drop” interface!


Important: In WordPress, plugins sometimes aren’t compatible with each other or with the theme and version of your installation. Before installing a plugin, we recommend that you make a backup of your website (You can use the WordPress Clone function in the WordPress Management tool in your HostPulse cPanel). That way, if you want to, you can run a working backup copy of your page at any moment.

Plugins are an essential element when we are talking about creating a multi-functional WordPress site. You can choose from nearly 55,000 paid and free plugins. New ones are being added each day.

With WordPress:

  • You can add different security plugins for your website. To do this, you can use WordPress plugins, such as Akismet, Jetpack и Sucuri.
  • You can add e-commerce plugins, such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress, to create a functional online store, upload a product catalog, and start selling online.
  • You can add Payment Gateway Plugins / Credit Card Payments such as 2checkout or Authorize.net and offer your customers a convenient way to purchase your products and services.
  • You can add to your web site a contact form like WPForms, Jetpack, and others to help your users get in touch with you quickly.
  • You can include plugins for traffic and user analysis, such as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress, Yoast SEO, Broken Link Checker, that will help you observe your website traffic, see detailed information of your tracking links and check for broken connections in your web pages.

You can see a complete list of all available WordPress plugins on the official community page. There you can search for the functionalities you want to add to your website, and you can see reviews for each plugin and read user feedback. It is essential to know that paid plugins are updated more often than the free ones, and in many cases, they have better compatibility with the version of the system and other WordPress elements. Read carefully the features of the extension you want to add before installing it!

WordPress plugin


WordPress widgets are a very convenient way to add different functionalities to your WordPress site without having to hire a developer. With their help, you can put different sections on your pages to power up your WP theme and make it more flexible.


Gutenberg is the new block-based content editor in WordPress version 5.0 and beyond. It replaced the Classic editor that was the only way to manage content in blog posts for years. Gutenberg was designed to make it easy for beginner users to work with the platform. It allows adding new block elements and shaping their visual presentation without any difficulty.


Once you've become familiar with the basic elements of your first WordPress web site, it's time to start your new online adventure by getting to know what hosting and domains are!


Choosing a domain name is a crucial step while creating your business website. Its purpose is to help users find your company and services on the web. We recommend that your domain contains a part of the name or the full name of your business. You should pay close attention when you are selecting the domain extension of your website – it has to be appropriate for your company, its corresponding industry, and activity. When we are talking about business, the .COM extension (it stands for Commerce) is a natural choice.

You can have two or more domain names (or a domain name with multiple domain extensions) that are linked to one single website. This way, you will have one primary and several parked domains that all lead the users to your web page.


Before you create your first installation, you must have a server space (hosting service) – a place on a highly performant or specialized computer machine that has the necessary conditions for the successful delivery of your website. You can choose from different types of hosting, and people often start with Shared Web Hosting and later migrate to other services with more parameters and features that best suit their hosting needs - such as Cloud hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated server. For beginner WordPress users, we recommend choosing a specialized environment, such as the Web hosting plans by HostPulse. They give you an optimized WordPress hosting environment with plenty of resources and many free extras, such as fast NVMe disks and caching instruments, that help you along the way. The plans are optimized for WordPress web sites and include a free WordPress Management tool that has all the useful functionalities for optimizing your web site.


WordPress Management is a useful tool in your HostPulse cPanel control panel that helps you manage your installation without having any in-depth technical skills. It was created by our HostPulse team, and we have combined all the useful features for comfortable optimization, protection, and improvement of the performance of your WordPress site, including caching with Memcached or Redis, fast creation of backups, and more.

Your WP is even more secure and optimized in just a few clicks, it will load faster, and you will gain the trust of your customers. WordPress Management contains 10 useful features - WordPress Wizard, WordPress Install, WordPress Optimization, WordPress Security, WordPress Access, WordPress Clone, WordPress Cron, WordPress Update, WordPress Checklist и WordPress CDN. With their help and with just a few clicks, you can perform difficult administrative actions and manage your WP installation with no technical knowledge.

In addition, all web hosting plans from HostPulse include professional DDoS protection with the specialized Radware DefensePro hardware, as well as malware protection with the Malware Detector tool.


No matter what is the function of your WordPress corporate website - whether you want to sell your web services, build an online presence of your business or otherwise - your primary goal is to reach the maximum number of web users. To do this, you need to learn about some of the most useful marketing tools on the web:


With Google Ads, you can create an effective ad campaign on all Google channels (Google Search, YouTube, etc.) as well as on the Google Network and Display network/ AdSense. You can reach dozens of people on the web every day, choose a budget and payment model.

Google Analytics is a free tool for analyzing the results of the tracking links you have created. It can be used for both Google Ads campaigns or any other campaign you create using a tracking link.


Facebook is one of the most useful platforms for promoting your business. It is a good choice for every company to have a business page on the platform so that they can share relevant news and information with their audience and publish content that will lead more users to their website.

With Facebook, you can reach an even larger audience of potential customers with a small budget, with the help of paid/boosted posts and ads.

Thanks to Facebook Ads Manager and its extension - Business Manager, you can create ads for Facebook and Instagram. To get started, you need to create an account/ads account/ that you have ti link to the Facebook page you want to promote.

When you start with Facebook advertising, you should know the basics:

  • To create your first campaign, you must select a goal/objective.
  • At the Adset level, you must select an audience, and you can filter by gender, age, interests, demographics, or behavior. You need to choose where you want your ads to be shown (Facebook feed, right column, stories, Instagram feed, Audience network, Messenger, etc.). - You have to choose the budget and the way it is distributed: daily or a with a fixed sum for the entire period. Choose how your ads should be optimized - for Link clicks, landing page views, impressions, or daily unique reach. You must choose when you are charged - on impressions or link clicks / CPCs.
  • At the Ad level - depending on the type of ad you chose to create, you can use images or video. You can also put CTA(call to action) button such as Shop now, Learn more, etc.. You can put a tracking link, so you can also analyze the results later on in Google Analytics. If you have an online store and sell your products and services online, the best option is to install a Facebook Pixel on your site so that you can track how your ad campaigns are affecting your sales.

Facebook Analytics is also a useful tool that must be part of your marketing strategy. It helps you see what is the traffic of your Facebook page daily, when users are most active on your page, and other useful statistics.

See the web hosting plans by Hostpulse, fully optimized for WordPress websites!

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