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Email specifications

Every cMailPro plan has a set limit on the Basic and Premium accounts you could add to your platform. If you want to add more functionalities to your accounts, you can upgrade any time!

POP3 / SMTP / IMAP boxes Using the most popular protocols for email delivery.YesYes
HTML5 Webmail Secure web-based HTML 5 webmail with many functionalities available through a web browser.YesYes
Account management Create, edit and manage the mail accounts of your team. Yes Yes
Automatic answer Set up automatic responses when you are not available.YesYes
Filtering accounts/Users Create filter rules for your accounts.YesYes
Mailing list Organize email groups with for notification purposes.YesYes
Email redirection You can redirect emails to different email accounts or unite them in a single mailbox.YesYes
Catch-All address You can protect your business from losing emails due to typing mistakes. You can set an email address that will gather all emails sent to invalid addresses.YesYes
Email archive You can set an automatic email archive of your mail communication.YesYes
Email backup Yon can create manual email archives of your email communication.YesYes
Email authorization (DKIM, SPF) With email authorization, you can prevent spam by detecting and identifying incoming and outgoing messages.Yesyes
Email verification (DKIM incoming) With Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) the software can associate the domain name with the email address and identify the sender.YesYes
Import email accounts You can import email accounts from CSV/XML lists.YesYes
SPAM protection SpamAssassin is a tool that helps you reinforce the defense against SPAM messages aimed at your mailboxes and block unwanted emails, such as fishing and email scam.YesYes
Virus protection ClamAV is an antivirus tool that scans your incoming emails for viruses, malware, and suspicious files.YesYes
TLS / SSL support You can set a secure channel using an encrypted SSL An opportunity for using an encrypted SSL connection.YesYes
S/MIME certificates With the help of the S/MIME certificate you can secure all outgoing emails with a cyber-sign that will authenticate the content of your correspondence.YesYes
Domain settings .YesYes
Attached files You can send files up to 2GB in a single email.50 MB2 GB
Windows / Mac OS Application You can access your email from a mobile device or a desktop application for Windows/Mac OS.YesYes


Web calendar (throughout webmail) Through the convenient webmail you can access your calendars via any web browser at any time.YesYes
CalDAV You can set up shared calendars for different uses, teams, or management levels. YesYes
Shared calendars CalDAV is a useful protocol that synchronizes all your events in your calendars. NoYes
Windows / Mac OS Application You have access to your calendars via the desktop application.NoYes


Web access to Contacts lists You can access and organize all your contacts through the webmail. YesYes
Shared contactsYesYes
ActiveSync Mobile synchronization The ActiveSync protocol helps you synchronize your mobile devices with the server - e-mails, contacts, calendar, and tasks.NoYes

ActiveSync synchronization

Calendar synchronization Reliable synchronization of your calendars on all devices. NoYes
Contacts list synchronization All contacts are synchronized on all devices helping you find fast any email address.NoYes
E-mail push/sync With email push/sync your devices are always synchronized with the mail server at any time. The system monitors all incoming messages and pushes them instantly to all linked devices the second they reach the mail server.NoYes
Task synchronization (Outlook) All tasks are synchronized on all linked devices.NoYes
Remote formatting (AirSync) You can protect all synced data in case a smart device is lost or stolen. With AirSync, you can initiate remote erasure and delete all information on a specific device. NoYes
Remote lock You can set additional password protection on your smart devices and secure your data from unauthorized access to corporate data. NoYes

File sharing

WebDAV You can manage your uploaded files easily. With WebDAV you have full file control under all operating systems. NoYes
Mobile synchronization via WebDav You can access and manage your uploaded files via all mobile devices that support WebDAV. NoYes
Web-based platform Get full access to your files and folders through a web browser with the help of cMailPro webmail.NoYes
Groups You can set up groups with specific restrictions for file and folder access. NoYes
Share files/folders in groups You can create folders or set up files with different access restrictions and share them with a team or group.NoYes
Personal files/folders You can upload personal files in a private cloud.NoYes
Public files/folders You can store public files and folders in the cloud, accessed by all employees and partners.NoYes
Shared files/folders You can share files or grant access to folders to a single account or a specific group of people.NoYes
Web download sharing You can create a unique link for sharing that would allow the recipient to download a specific file.NoYes
HTML5 web control panel You can access and manage all your files with the help of a user-friendly panel.NoYes
Windows / Mac OS application cMailPro offers a useful mobile application that will allow you to access and manage your stored files. NoYes

Business Chat

XMPP / Jabber You can use a secure business chat that will give you fast communication with your teammates, clients, and partners. The software uses the Jabber/XMPP, which is a standard protocol utilized for sending IM/chat messages. NoYes
Web-based chat You can access the business chat through a browser - via the webmail function that implements many of the cMailPro functionalities.NoYes
Chat rooms You can create different chat rooms for your projects, departments, etc.NoYes
Voice calls You can use the voice call function and reach out to any of your cMailPro contacts.NoYes
Windows / Mac OS Application You can use the business chat via the mobile application. NoYes