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cMailPro functionalities

cMailPro is an innovative Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) software that is powered by the Cloud and is integrated in many public and private organizations around the world. It uses popular communication technologies and protocols to ensure a stable and secure correspondence for companies of any size and market sector. The platform unifies all communication channels and minimizes the need to buy subscribe to other business related products, such as Cloud for storing files, IM platforms, . It keeps all communication in one place and optimizes the IT budget you spend on software products monthly.

Secure eMail

cMailPro offers fast and reliable online communication service with all the standard email functions plus SPAM filtering and protection, access control, devices management, S/MIME certificates, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and more. It can be integrated with most of the popular email clients such as Outlook Express and Thunderbird. You can send large emails with up to 2GB data.

Web mail

The handy Pronto web mail gives you access to all cMailPro functionalities such as Chats, Calendars, Notes, Tasks and Files. Through the user-friendly panel you can manage the basic settings of your mail communication, install a S/MIME certificate, set up mail rules and two-factor authentication, create mailing lists, upload and share files, handle tasks and more.You can manage all business communication through every web browser at any time and any place!

Business chat

You can access the chat through all platforms that utilize the Jabber/XMPP protocol or through the Pronto web mail. The messages are fully encrypted and secure,  and your communication is all in one place.

File Upload and Share

With the File Upload and Share function you can securely manage all business files of your company - you can make folders and restrict their access to specific user groups, departments or people. The software is using the WebDAV protocol to ensure the easiest file control and mobile synchronization. You can access The File Upload and Share functionality through the webmail panel, and create a downloadable link for a folder or file. You can send this link in an email or chat. It is an easy way to share large files on the Web while still keeping all communication in one place. For better convenience you can create a folder with files that need to be accessed by all employees and set Access Control List with different rights.

Calendars and Shared Calendars

You can create your personal calendars and

Contacts Management and Mailing lists

With cMailPro you can manage easily your contacts and create mailing lists for all your subscribers.

Tasks Management

Use the Tasks Manager to put in order all your work assignments and better arrange your work time.

Additional features

The best way to gain the trust of your customers is to

Synchronization on all devices

24/7 live support with care

cMailPro helps you control your business easily and without additional charges. You don't need to hire new personnel that would manage your service. cMailPro is fully administrated by the qualified HostPulse team of specialists that will provide the best customer service for every issue! Trust us with the most important part of your business - your communication, we know how to secure your email.