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Install Joomla 3 Templates

In this article we will show you how to download and install Joomla 3 templates. Usually the default templates of the popular CMS are not quite impressive in the means of features and attractive design.

That is why the usage of templates (or themes) is so popular and Joomla CMS is not an exclusion from this trend.

To find Joomla templates use the search engines for keywords like joomla 3 templates. Make sure the templates you are going to download and install are compatible with your version of Joomla (we strongly recommended to be the last stable version) because templates for Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 will not work in Joomla 3.

For this tutorial we are going to download and install a free Joomla template Afterburner2 from www.rockettheme.com/joomla/templates:

joomla install template

Click on the Download button to open new window:

joomla install template

We are going to download only the template and we click the button next to it.

The download finished and the template archive afterburner2-1.6-template.zip is saved on the hard drive.

Now open Joomla Administrator and click Extensions > Manage > Install:

joomla install template

On the next screen select Upload Package File tab, click the green button and navigate to the template archive:

joomla install template

Few seconds later we get the confirmation messages displayed:

joomla install template

Let's first activate the new template.

Go to Extensions and click Templates:

joomla install template

We see in the table all installed templates - the new template is also installed but is not activated yet:

joomla install template

To activate a template in Joomla select the box in front of the template and click Default button in the upper left corner or simply click the star in the template row. The golden star shows the active template:

joomla install template

Our newly installed template is now active and let's check the front-end of the site:

joomla install template

We got an error which says that we need to install additional component for our template to work correctly.

If you go back in the tutorial you will find that the confirmation message contained also a warning for potential issues.

Let's go back in the developers' site to see if the missing framework is available for download and installation.

joomla install template

We click to download the Gantry 4 Framework for Joomla archive. Following the same steps we install the framework: click Extensions > Manage > Install and navigate to the framework archive gantry_joomla_framework-4.1.33.zip:

joomla install template

The installation is complete so we go to the front-end and refresh the site:

joomla install template

The template is installed correctly but it does not provide a sample content so the installation does not match to the preview on the developers' site. And the reason to be a bit disappointed is we did not check all the information about the template.

If you go back to the preview page at the bottom of the site you'll find the needed information:

Demo content is for sample purposes only

Of course if we start to add content it will follow the exact design and functionality of the template.

We intentionally installed this template to show you how important is to carefully read all information about the template you want to install.

By doing so, you will save time and possible disappointments.

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