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Add Google AdSense to WordPress

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

In this article we'll show you how to add Google AdSense to your WordPress site.

This is not AdSense tutorial and if you want to learn more about it check www.google.com/adsense/

Get Your AdSense Code

You must create your own account with Google AdSense (it's free), follow the instructions and create your own ads:

wordpress google adsense

Click the link Get code to copy the code snippet on your computer:

wordpress google adsense

wordpress google adsense

Use WordPress Widget to Display AdSense Ads

Go to Administration > Appearance > Widgets.

Click on Text widget, select Blog Sidebar and click Add Widget button:

wordpress google adsense

Another way to add the Text widget to Blog Sidebar is by clicking and dragging:

wordpress google adsense

Click on the text field to open, fill in a title and paste the AdSense code.

Click Save button.

wordpress google adsense

Open the site – in the sidebar under the search field is your AdSense ad:

wordpress google adsense

Warning: Do not click on your site's ads – Google will detect it quickly and your account will be suspended.

Add AdSense in Your Posts and Pages

To add AdSense in your content just paste the AdSense code block into text editor and publish the content:

wordpress google adsense

wordpress google adsense

wordpress google adsense

Insert AdSense Code Using Plugin

We'll show you even more easy way to insert AdSense into your content by using shortcode snippets.

Let's first install the plugin amr shortcode any widget.

Clck Plugins > Add New and paste the plugin name in the search bar:

wordpress google adsense

Click Install Now, then click Activate.

Click on Appearance > Widgets - there is a new block Widgets for Shortcodes:

wordpress google adsense

Repeat the same steps to add text widgets into new block and paste within the AdSense code, but leave the title fields empty.

Note at the bottom of each widget a small code snippet [do_widget id=text-3]:

wordpress google adsense

Copy it near the AdSense code on your computer.

Now open the Post and replace the code block with the shortcode and update the post:

wordpress google adsense

Open the browser – now the last post has two AdSense ads and these are activated by the shortcode we just added. In the sidebar you see the AdSense Example Ad delivered by the sidebar widget:

wordpress google adsense


Take the time to learn as much about AdSense as possible to manage your ads with competence and earn significant revenue.

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