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How to Import Test Content in WordPress

An extremely important part of the success of any site is its design and functionality. This applies in full to the WordPress sites where these features are delivered from the site's active theme.

In the vast majority of cases, finding a suitable design and functionality is a result of numerous tests.

A significant difficulty in the testing process is the lack of content - the WordPress default themes are installed with only one example post and one comment.

Fortunately, there is a very useful solution to this problem - importing structured test content such as users, menus, pages, posts, comments, and media.

In this article, we'll show you how to install test content on a new WordPress install.

Click Tools > Import

wordpress test data

Find the WordPress row at the bottom and click Install Now link:

wordpress test data

You'll notice two changes on the new screen.

New message confirms the successful installation at the top of the screen:

wordpress test data

In the WordPress row at the bottom of the list the previous link Install Now is changed to Run Importer:

wordpress test data

Click one of the Run Importer links.

Download Test Data

Now open URL http://wptest.io and download the test archive on your computer.

wordpress test data

Unzip the archive and open wptest-master folder.

In the WordPress admin click Choose File button and navigate to wptest.xml file in wptest-master folder.

wordpress test data

Click Upload file and import button.

On the next screen, do not change or reassign anything about the authors and make sure you check the Download and import file attachments box before you click Submit.

wordpress test data

Let the import process run until complete.

Important: Do not close the browser tab/window or navigate away from this webpage while importing.

You should see an All done. Have fun! message when the import is complete.

wordpress test data

Once the WP Test data is installed, using WP Test is as simple as navigating to posts, pages, assigning menus, etc. and looking for layout, overflow, alignment, and other style and structure issues.

wordpress test data

Delete Test Data

There is not uninstall option – if you want to remove any or all test data delete it from the corresponding screen.

Let's delete all posts.

Click Posts > All Posts

Check the box in front of Title label to select all posts, from the dropdown menu select Move to Trash option and click Apply button.

wordpress test data

Repeat the same step and move to trash all posts and click Trash link.

Select all posts, select Delete Permanently and click Empty Trash button:

wordpress test data

All posts are permanently deleted.

wordpress test data

If you click Posts link there are no posts and you can start creating your content when you find the appropriate theme.

wordpress test data


WP Test is an exhaustive set of test data to measure the integrity of WordPress plugins and themes.

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