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Import WordPress Site with Softaculous

Import WordPress Site with Softaculous

In this article we will show you how to import your WordPress site from a remote server to HostPulse using the Softaculous automatic installer.

Here's what the site we want to import looks like:

import wordpress softaculous

We've created five test content pages to check whether the site will work properly after importing and whether the content will be retained.

Open Softaculous from your CPanel, click on the WordPress icon.

From the horizontal menu, click the last right tab Import.

import wordpress softaculous

Click From Remote Server tab on the next screen:

import wordpress softaculous

Source Details

Domain Name – enter only the domain name (not URL) example.com (without protocol http:// or https://).

Server Host (Optional) – enter ftp host (without protocol). If the server host and domain name are the same you can leave this field blank.

Protocol – FTP

Port - the default FTP port is 21

FTP Username and FTP Password – your FTP account settings.

FTP Path - this setting troubles some users so we'll explain in detail where to find the right path to the WordPress installation that you need to fill in the field.

Open an FTP client (e.g., FileZilla) and log in with the same data you entered in Softaculous.

In our case, the FTP account gives access to the entire web directory where the different applications should be installed.

import wordpress softaculous

In the wpremote.example.com subdirectory are placed the WordPress files we want to import.

Clicking on the directory reveals WordPress files and in the address bar we can see the correct path to our files which we will copy and paste into Softaculous.

import wordpress softaculous

For example, if your FTP account directly opens the WP site directory, then the FTP Path field must remain blank.

import wordpress softaculous

##Destination Details

Choose Protocol – if you have installed SSL certificate on your site than select https:// otherwise leave http://.

Choose Domain – enter the domain name where the installation is to be imported to.

import wordpress softaculous

##Advanced options

You may want to change the database name to something more descriptive than the standard wp123 (numbers are mixed randomly of course).

import wordpress softaculous

The import process will carry on in the background once you click on the Import button. You will receive the Emails regarding the initiation of the import process and the final status of the same. Emails are sent to your CPanel email, not to any site specific email address.

import wordpress softaculous

You can view the import progress of the installation by visiting the Task List tab as shown here: import wordpress softaculous

import wordpress softaculous

You can manage the imported installation once the progress reaches 100% and the message Import Completed appear.

import wordpress softaculous

The process is finished and it is time to test the imported site. import wordpress softaculous

All menu links are working correctly, all content is preserved and available, and we are loged in into local admin panel with the credentials of the remote admin.

Softaculous has done a great job and we are happy to offer such useful tool to our hosting clients.

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