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Control All Jetpack's Modules on One Page

You can control all of Jetpack's modules from one simple page and in this article we will show you how.

As the number of Jetpack modules has grown over the years, Jetpack developers have decided to simplify the plugin interface in WordPress administration. Now, when installing Jetpack, the featured modules are enabled by default and do not appear in the Settings interface.

If someone is not familiar with this detail they may decide thay have no control over these modules and over Jetpack as a whole.

If the user wants to control the status of the featured modules (on / off) or just wants to manage all Jetpack modules on a single page, it's really possible, though it does not seem like this at first glance.

While you are logged in WordPress enter the next URL in the browser:


(do not forget to replace [your-site-URL] with your actual domain).

Another way to reach the page where all Jetpack modules are listed, is to follow these steps:

Go to Jetpack > Dashboard or Settings and scroll to the bottom.

Click Debug to open the Jetpack Debugging Center:

jetpack one page control

Click the Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site link at the bottom:

jetpack one page control

Now you are at the All Modules screen thought it has no title:

jetpack one page control

The blue border on the left indicates that the module is active. When you hover over the module, you'll see different options appear based on whether the module is active or not:

jetpack one page control

You can also use the Activate and Deactivate buttons to control the status of the module.

jetpack one page control

The Configure button that appears for activated modules will take you to the configuration area in the admin dashboard for that module.

You have at your disposal very useful filters allowing you to select modules by number of criteria:

jetpack one page control

You can also use the Bulk Action menu to activate all inactive modules in certain category, for example:

  • Select Appearance category
  • Click Inactive filter
  • Select all modules
  • From the pull-down menu select Activate
  • Click Apply button

jetpack one page control

Jetpack developers deserve only good words for the creation of this page with all these convenient tools to navigate and manage all Jetpack modules.

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