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Jetpack Modules: Carousel

Recently, the term carousel is mostly associated with certain functionality that slides images sequentially over a certain amount of time and may include different effects during transition.

Jetpack carousel can be defined as a lightbox type of software that displays images on a darken background and provides navigation elements to display the images in a certain direction.

Check if Jetpack Carousel module is activated on All Jetpack Modules page (learn how to control jetpack's modules on one page). Click Activate, wait few seconds and then click Configure link:

Enable Jetpack Carousel

You'll be redirected to Settings > Media screen where you can select the background color (black/white) and also decide if you want photo metadata (Exif) to be shown:

Select Carousel background color

If you made changes click Save Changes.

To test the module add a new post, insert a gallery within and publish the post.

WordPress gallery

Click on any image to open the carousel:

Click an image to open the carousel

The same image on white background:

Carousel white background

Below the image is displayed image title, caption, and description. Make sure all these contain an appropriate text.

Visitors may leave their comments from the comment field below the image text.

If you opted to show EXIF metadata it will be displayed in a table at the right-hand side:

Table with the EXIF metadata

If you deselect EXIF metadata option in Settings > Media only the link View full size will be displayed.

Link View full size


  • JetPack Carousel is only for displaying images from a standard WordPress gallery. It will not display videos.
  • If the active theme is overwriting the gallery shortcode, the carousel will deactivate to not conflict with the theme.


With JetPack Carousel any standard WordPress gallery will provide gorgeous full-screen photo browsing experience with comments and EXIF metadata.

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