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Jetpack Widgets: Gallery

In this article, we will show you how you can add an image gallery or slideshow to your site's sidebar using the JetPack Gallery Widget.

This widget requires enabling the Tiled Galleries module.

Go to Appearance > Widgets, find Gallery(Jetpack) widget and add it to your sidebar:

jetpack gallery widget

Let's take a look at widget's settings:

jetpack gallery widget

Choose Images for Your Gallery

Click on Choose Images in the widget settings to select the images for your gallery.

If you want to add images from your computer drag and drop your files into the box that appears, or click Select Files to upload a picture/s.

If you want to add images that are already in your Media Library, click on Add to Gallery in the left menu. Select all images you'd like to include in your gallery or slideshow by clicking on them. When your selection is ready, click the Add to Gallery button in the lower right.

When you have uploaded and added all of your images, you can add captions or drag and drop to reorder them. When you are finished, click the Insert Gallery button in the lower right.

Select the widget settings for your gallery

Title - enter a title that will be displayed above the gallery in your sidebar. Images - select the images that will be displayed in the gallery. You can click on Choose Images to select the images from your Media Library.

Link To: dropdown menu contains next options:

  • Carousel - a full-size carousel that allows visitors to scroll through the entire gallery one image at a time (read more about JetPack Carousel).
  • Attachment Page - specialized page in your blog that shows not only the image in your selected theme, but also image title, caption and description which you can fill in the Attachment Details screen.
  • Media File - a direct link to the full-size uploaded image.

The Link to: option does not apply to slideshows.

Random Order - if you check this box the images in your gallery will be displayed in a random order (which we recommend).

Style - the options for gallery style are Tiles, Square Tiles, Circles, or Slideshow.

jetpack gallery widget

Click Save and visit your website to see your gallery:

jetpack gallery widget

Change the width of the Gallery Widget

The default width for the Gallery widget is 265px. If your widget area is wider than that it will leave a gap on the right.

To increase the width of your sidebar you can add this filter (replace 400 with your theme's sidebar width) to your theme functions.php file:

function jetpackcom_custom_gallery_content_width(){
return 400;
add_filter( 'gallery_widget_content_width','jetpackcom_custom_gallery_content_width' );

Note: do not add px after the digit on the second row (return 400).

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