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Jetpack Modules: Related Posts

The Related Posts feature scans, analyzes and sorts your content to show under the post, the visitor is currently reading, a list of related posts.

Because the visitor has already shown interest in the topic of the selected post, it is very likely that s/he will click on any of the proposed related posts.

This is the primary reason that sites with enabled related posts feature are registering increased traffic and increased time visitors spend on the site.

All operations that the server performs to provide related posts are usually associated with an increase in resource usage.

But unlike many other related post plugins, Jetpack Related Posts do all the analysis, processing, and serving from WordPress cloud, so there is no additional load on your server.

To activate Related posts go to Jetpack > Settings > Traffic and switch on the module:

Managing options of Jetpack Related Posts

Show a "Related" header will help separate the Related Posts section from the end of your post:

Jetpack Related Posts separator

Check the box next to Use a large and visually striking layout to display accompanying images next to the post titles.

Click Save Settings after you're done.

Additional section with few more settings is added in Settings > Reading:

Jetpack Related Posts additional settings

General Information

  • Related content will not appear unless the algorithm finds at least 3 good results (to avoid simply cross-linking posts with one another).
  • Related content is automatically generated based on the content of the post and any tags or categories if they exist.
  • Related Posts for a given article are cached for 12 hours.

Our recommendation: create logically connected categories/tags structure of your posts for quicker and better indexing that will result in displaying more accurate related posts.

Related Post Thumbnails

A post's featured image will appear as the thumbnail. If you haven't set a featured image for the post, the script will look for slideshows and galleries, and then for any images that may be attached to the post.

Thumbnails are resized and cropped automatically using Photon to be 350 x 200 pixels (1.75:1 ratio) to allow for a consistent visual display.

Our recommendation: add featured image with dimensions 700 x 400 pixels to each post if possible, but be careful with image licenses.

For further customization options, please visit the Customize Related Posts page.

Using the provided code snippets you'll be able to:

  • Change the number of Related Posts displayed under your posts;
  • Exclude a specific post from ever appearing among Related Posts results;
  • Exclude sticky posts from appearing as related to others;
  • Exclude an entire category from ever appearing among Related Posts results;
  • Disable Related Posts from displaying on select posts;
  • Use Related Posts with Custom Post Types;


Jetpack Related Posts module is truly software of exceptional quality and we strongly recommend you to give it a chance on your WordPress site.

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