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Jetpack Modules: Testimonials

The testimonials feature lets you collect enthusiastic feedback, thanks and greetings from your customers, and show them on your site in a variety of ways to add confidence and professional feeling.

The Testimonial custom post type allows you to add, organize, and display testimonials on your WordPress site.

You can enable the Testimonial custom post type by activating the Custom Content Types module in your Jetpack > Settings > Writing:

jetpack tesimonials

Once activated, go to Settings > Writing in your WordPress Dashboard and check the Testimonials option under Your Custom Content Types.

Choose the number of projects you'd like to display on Testimonial pages. Keep in mind that some themes may override this number for design reasons, such as keeping a grid of testimonials even.

Click Save Changes.

jetpack tesimonials

Adding and Managing Testimonials

Let's add four testimonials from the Testimonials interface. In the Dashboard left menu click Testimonials > Add New:

jetpack tesimonials

Put the testimonial author's name in the title field, and if you'd like an author photo or logo displayed, add it as a Featured Image to each testimonial. We'll follow this pattern for all our testimonials.

Publish each testimonial.

Display Testimonials using the page URL

There are a few different ways to display your testimonials after they've been created.

The following links are created once you add testimonials.

  • Testimonial archive – yoursite.com/testimonial/
  • Testimonial shortode page - yoursite.com/jetpack-testimonial/
  • Single testimonial page – yoursite.com/testimonial/joanna-johnson/

Be sure to swap yoursite.com with your real site address and the appropriate slug.

Display Testimonials using the shortcode

To embed testimonials on posts and pages add the [testimonials] shortcode to a post or page.

Let's create a new post in Posts > Add New with title Jetpack Testimonials. Enter only [testimonials] in the content box and publish the post (yes, just the shortcode):

jetpack tesimonials

All testimonials will be displayed one below the other, but the shortcode may display testimonials in different ways, depending on how you use the optional attributes to customize the testimonials layout.

Shortcode Attributes

  • display_content: display testimonial content. (full/true/false)
  • image: display the featured image. (true/false)  Defaults to true.
  • columns: number of columns in shortcode. Defaults to 1. (number, 1-6)
  • showposts: number of testimonials to display. Defaults to all. (number)
  • order: display testimonials in ascending or descending chronological order (ASC/DESC).
  • orderby: sort testimonials by different criteria, including author name, testimonial title, and even rand to display in a random order. Defaults to sorting by date. (author, date, title, rand)


[testimonials columns=3 showposts=6 orderby=title]

This page will display up to six testimonials in three columns, in ascending alphabetical order by testimonial title. If you set showpost=4 the fourth testimonial will be displayed on a new row below the first three testimonials:

jetpack tesimonials

[testimonials columns=2 showposts=4 order=DESC orderby=title]

The second example will display up to four testimonials in two columns, in descending alphabetical order by testimonial title:

jetpack tesimonials


If any of the Testimonial page links result in a Page Not Found error, this can be easily fixed by disabling and re-enabling the Testimonial content type.

Go to Settings > Writing > Your Custom Content Typesuncheck the Testimonials option, save your changes, and then re-check the Testimonials option and save your changes again.

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