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Jetpack Modules: Tiled Galleries

There are countless image tools and programs but none can help you create a gorgeous tiled mosaic gallery in such an easy way as you can do it with Jetpack.

Tiled Galleries lets you display images in a variety of elegant layouts with just a few clicks. Jetpack automatically arranges your photos into a beautiful mosaic that automatically fits the width of your theme's post area.

With Tiled Galleries you can display your image galleries in these styles:

  • Tiled Mosaic
  • Square Tiles
  • Circles
  • Tiled Columns
  • Slideshow

The rectangular and square tiled layouts also have hover-over captions to save space while making captions accessible.

In order to use Tiled Galleries you'll want to make sure Photon is enabled in JetpackSettings > Writing and in the Media section enable Speed up images and photos:

jetpack tiled galleries

Photon is a content delivery network (CDN) that accelerates image load time by serving your images from the powerful WordPress.com servers. This means a reduced load on your host and faster delivery of images for your visitors.

Check if Tiled Galleries module is activated on All Jetpack Modules page (learn how to visit that interface in the article Control Jetpack's Modules on One Page. If it is not, click the Activate link:

jetpack tiled galleries

Wait few seconds and click the Configure link:

jetpack tiled galleries

To make all of your galleries tiled by default, go to Settings > Media in your Dashboard and select the box next to Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic:

jetpack tiled galleries

To see Tiled Galleries in action we are creating a new gallery post in Posts > Add New, then we click on Add Media and when we are on the Insert Media screen we click Create Gallery link.

After selecting the images for our gallery we click on the button Create new gallery button. In the Edit Gallery screen you can manage all important settings mainly within the Type dropdown menu:

jetpack tiled galleries

Tiled Gallery previews

Tiled Mosaic

jetpack tiled galleries


jetpack tiled galleries

Tiled Columns

jetpack tiled galleries

You can edit gallery settings by clicking within the editor and clicking again on the pencil icon:

jetpack tiled galleries

When you select the Slideshow option check also Large in the Size menu:

jetpack tiled galleries

If the Slideshow option is missing, you can get it back by enabling shortcode embeds module in Jetpack.

We recommend you to to combine the Tiled Galleries with Jetpack Carousel to provide your visitors with full-screen image preview in lightbox style.


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