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Jetpack Widgets: Twitter Timeline

You can use the Twitter Timeline widget to put a timeline (your latest tweets) in your sidebar, or other widget area on your blog.

To setup a Twitter Timeline Widget go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard.

Check if Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) module is activated on All Jetpack Modules page (learn how to control jetpack's modules on one page. Click Activate, wait few seconds and then click the Configure link:

jetpack twitter timeline

Click Configure link to open Appearance > Widgets screen.

Now drag the Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) widget in to one of your active sidebars:

jetpack twitter timeline

Click to expand the widget settings:

jetpack twitter timeline

Here is the full list of options supported by this widget:

  • Title - enter the title to be displayed above the widget. The default text is Follow me on Twitter, but you can also change it to anything you like (e.g. Recent Tweets).
  • Width - leave this blank, it will try to automatically fill your sidebar. If you need custom width, set it in pixels.
  • Numbers of Tweets Shown - define the number of Tweets displayed and also height of your widget (further details below in the article). Note: When a number of tweets is specified, the scrollbar is disabled and the widget will also ignore the Height setting; the widget's height will be based on the size of the tweets.
  • Widget Type - select Profile.
  • Twitter Username - enter the Twitter user whose public tweets will be displayed in the timeline widget. Only appears if Widget Type is set to Profile.
  • Widget ID - only appears if Widget Type is set to “Widget ID”.
  • Layout Options - play around with these options and choose the one you like the most.
  • Link/Border Color - select colors that match your theme design and enter the hex code values in these boxes.
  • Timeline Theme - between dark and light color themes choose the one that better matches your theme design.

jetpack twitter timeline

Once all widget options are set click Save and refresh your site to see the tweets.

jetpack twitter timeline


The Twitter Timeline Widget shows your latest tweets within a sidebar on your theme. It's an easy way to add more activity to your site and you can customize it with various options.

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