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Jetpack by WordPress - Overview

Usually a plug-in will introduce one or several features into a site, features like email subscriptions for instance.

Jetpack is not a plugin by itself but rather a plugin container.

The idea behind Jetpack is to make it possible for WordPress users with self-hosted sites to have access to the same features as WordPress.com users.

Theoretically, the plugins provided with Jetpack or, contained within Jetpack, (currently 41) can be divided into the following main categories:

Social - Automatic sharing on most popular social networks.

Stats - get the most popular metrics easy to understand through a clear and attractive interface.

Appearance - take advantage of a set of tools to help you personalize the way your site looks.

Photos and Videos - use Jetpack to add rich, beautifully-presented media in your web pages.

Mobile - get a customizable mobile theme designed to work on small screens and also optimized for fast load times.

Writing - use Jetpack modules that make the writing process a lot easier.

Utilities - Jetpack delivers many extras, some of which are in 'must have' category.

Security - Jetpack includes state-of-the-art security tools that keep your site safe and sound, from posts to plugins.

Paid Services

Most of Jetpack's features and services are free. Jetpack also provides advanced security and backup services, video hosting, site monetization, priority support, and more SEO tools in three simple and affordable plans.

Why use Jetpack's collection of plugins?

The same developers (Automattic) that create WordPress, which is undoubtedly the best website development software, they also create and maintain the Jetpack.

  • If WordPress is a top quality software, the same is Jetpack.
  • If WordPress is reliable, the same is Jetpack.
  • If WordPress is secure, the same is Jetpack.

JetPack and Akismet will never have compatibility problems with WordPress.

Frankly said, we have not yet found any single competent, well-founded and proven reason not to install Jetpack.

Will Jetpack slow down your site?


You install and activate Jetpack as a plug-in only to make it possible to independently manage and configure each of the contained plug-ins ( 41 to date).

You decide whether to activate or deactivate, any or all, of the contained separate plugins.

If you think your site is slowing down because of some of the jetpack plugins, deactivate the plugin and look for alternate solution.

Install Jetpack

The easiest way to install Jetpack is from within WordPress itself. Log in to your site and head to your dashboard, click on the Plugins tab in the left panel, then click Add New.

Usually Jetpack appears on the first screen but you can use the search also to find the plugin. Click Install Now, then Activate button:

jetpack installation

In order to use Jetpack you need to connect to your wordpress.com account. If you do not have noe you can create a new account. Click Connect to WordPress.com button:

jetpack installation

Log in your account and click Approve:

jetpack installation

Upon successful connection you'll get a confirmation. Here you must select one of the paid Jetpack's plans:

jetpack installation

or you can continue with the free plan by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen Start with free:

jetpack installation

Now you return to WordPress Dashboard where you have a new link in the left menu Jetpack:

jetpack installation

After successfully connecting to your WordPress.com account, most Jetpack features are automatically activated.

You can toggle the status (active/disabled) of all plugins from Jetpack > Settings screen:

jetpack installation

by clicking on the radio button icon where the blue color means active and the grayish - deactivated:

jetpack installation

Click the little i button to the right of each plugin area to learn more about the plugin's features:

jetpack installation


In our next article we will show you how you can control all of Jetpack's modules from one simple page.

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