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WordPress Clone in cPanel

The option to clone your WordPress installation in another directory is useful for development and testing purposes. It allows you to clone an existing installation in another folder or with a different domain name without changing the theme, settings or users.

To access the cloning tool, log in to cPanel and click on the WordPress Clone link in the WordPress Management section:

Access WordPress Clone in WordPress Management

On the next screen you'll see a table, containing the following information for each WordPress site in the hosting:

table listing information for all WordPress hosting sites

  • Name - shows site's name;
  • URL - link to load the site in a new browser window;
  • Path - path to the site's installation directory;
  • Version - shows the WordPress version;
  • Options - by clicking the appropriate button you either clone the site (Clone) or change the site's domain name (Change domain).

To clone a WordPress site, click the Clone button - a new panel will pop up, containing the following options:

cloning domain setup

  • Domain - from the drop-down menu, select another domain that the cloned site or existing site will work with.
  • In Directory - if you enter a directory name (if not present, a new directory will be created), the URL of the cloned site will contain the name of the subdirectory. For example, if the cloning domain is domain.org and you enter a directory name directory, the URL of the cloned site would be http://domain.org/directory/. To clone an existing site in a subdirectory, select the same domain and enter a name for the subdirectory.
  • Database Name - the name of the new database (up to 7 characters, cPanel user will be automatically added to retain the standard syntax for the database names cpaneluser_databasename).

The Info table contains information about the site, you are cloning:

cloned site information

Click the Clone installation button to start the cloning process. Upon completion, a confirmation text message will appear to the right side of the button:

Installation successfully cloned!

Click the Go Back link to return to the main WordPress Clone interface.

The cloned site will be added to the table with all WordPress sites:

adding cloned site to a table

To change the domain of an existing WordPress site, click the Change domain button:

change domain of existing WordPress site

In the new panel, select the new domain name from the drop-down menu Domain (if you want to use a non-existent subdomain you must first create it in cPanel > Domains > Subdomains).

If you want to use an SSL certificate for the cloned site, check the Use SSL option. The fastest way to secure the site with free SSL certificate is to use cPanel > Security > Let's Encrypt ™ SSL.

Click the Save button to start the change. Upon completion of the process, a confirmation text message will appear to the right of the button:

Changes saved!

Return to the main panel of WordPress Clone - in the WordPress sites table you will see the site's changed domain:

the site with a new domain is added to the table

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