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WordPress Comments

Comments are a feature of blogs which allow readers to respond to Posts.

Typically readers simply provide their own thoughts regarding the content of the post, but users may also provide links to other resources, generate discussion, or simply compliment the author for a well-written post.

Comments can be controlled and regulated through the use of filters for language and content, and often times can be queued for approval before they are visible on the web site. This is useful in dealing with comment spam.

In previous articles we showed you the available Discussion Settings and we shared some thoughts about fighting the comment spam. In this article we'll show you how to manage comments from the Comments screen.

Go to Dashboard > Comments to enter the main screen.

wordpress comments

After each comment has been sent, they run through a number of anti-spam tests according WordPress Discussion settings and anti-spam plug-ins (if such are installed) to be finally classified with one of four possible statuses - approved, pending, spam or trash.

Comments in trash

Let's start with comments in trash.

If you define unwanted word(s) in Comment Blacklist filter (what we did) and a comment contains any of these word(s) in its content it will be put in the trash:

wordpress comments

Click on the Trash link in the top menu and hover over the comment area. You have the following options available:

Spam - Click this link to move the comment to the spam folder (recommended action if you use an intelligent anti-spam filter like Akismet); Restore - click this link to move the comment in the Pending folder from where you can change its' status to Approved. Delete Permanently - if you click this link the comment will be disappear irreversibly.

Comments in Spam

А comment can be found in the spam folder only if you have an anti-spam plugin installed with enabled option to put the spam comments directly into the spam folder.

Click the Spam link to see the spam comments and hover over each comment area to see all available options:

wordpress comments

Not Spam - clicking on this link will move the comment in the Pending folder where you can change it status to Approved.

Delete Permanently - click the link and the comment is gone forever.

Pending Comments

There are many settings that can put the comment in the Pending folder - for example, if in the discussion settings is selected Comment must be manually approved option.

Click the Pending link to see all comments in this folder. Hover over the comment area to see a pop up with all available options:

wordpress comments

Clicking on Spam or Trash link moves the comment in the corresponding folder and the available options were discussed earlier in the article.

Let's take a look at the new options:

Approve - click this link to move the comment amongst other legitimate comments. Reply - if you click the link a text editor will appear where you can write your response. Clicking the button Approve and Reply you are actually merging two actions in one.

wordpress comments

Both the comment and the reply appeared amongst other comments on the site:

wordpress comments

Quick Edit - click this link to open text editor with additional text fields where you can update all comment elements - Name, Email, Website and Content, without changing the status:

wordpress comments

These are just options, but why the administrator will want to modify a comment is a another question (and choice).

Edit - if you click this link you are provided with text editor and text fields to edit all comment elements as well as the options to change its' status to Approved or Spam:

wordpress comments

Approved comments

Hover over the comment area to see the available options:

wordpress comments

The only new option is Unapprove , all other options have been discussed already.

If you click Unapprove link the comment will be moved to Pending folder.

Using Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions - these actions can be performed on one, or more comments, at one time, if those comments have been previously selected.

For example, if you have several comments that need to be moved in Trash instead of moving them one by one you can select all these comments, click the Bulk Action, select the Move to Trash option from the pull-down menu and click Apply button:

wordpress comments

If you want to select only comments you can click All comment types and select Comments from the menu, then click Filter button:

wordpress comments

Generally the Bulk Action menus always work in the same way (different screens uses specific menus, of course):

  • select the elements you are going to modify
  • select the action from the menu
  • click the button next to the action

Manage comments from Edit Post screen

Go to Appearance > Posts, click the Post title.

Make sure the Comments option is selected in the Screen Options area.

Below the text editor you'll see Comments section with all approved comments listed. You are provided with the same options to edit and reply to comments as on the Comments screen:

wordpress comments


In the Comments Screen you can edit and delete as well as mark comments as spam.

Comments that are awaiting moderation can be marked as approved or previously approved comments can be unapproved.

Multiple comments can be selected and approved, marked as spam, unapproved, or deleted.

A section at the top of the Comments Screen displays the number of comments awaiting moderation and the number of approved comments. A search box allows you to find specific comments.

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