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WordPress Cron in cPanel

The WordPress automatic cron job is set to be executed with each visit to a WordPress site (the image is taken from the comment at the beginning of the wp-cron.php file):

comment on how wp-cron.php works

When your WordPress site gets a lot of traffic, this feature creates an unnecessary expense of resources and the benefit from the WordPress Cron optimizer is that it changes the default setting and configures wp-cron.php to run only once every 6 hours.

To activate WordPress Cron log in cPanel > WordPress Management > WordPress Cron:

Access WordPress Cron in WordPress Management

On the main screen you'll see a table with the following information about all WordPress sites in your hosting:

table with information for each WordPress site

  • Name - site's name;
  • URL - link to load the site in a new browser window;
  • Path - path to the site’s installation directory;
  • Version - shows the WordPress version;
  • Status - WordPress Cron optimization status: Optimized/Not Optimized,
  • Action - contains a button with two states - Optimize/Disable Optimization, by clicking it you can switch the optimization status.

Click the Optimize button to change the default settings in wp-cron.php - the status will change to Optimized, and the button label will change to Disable Optimization:

optimizing wp-cron.php default settings

If you open cPanel > Advanced > Cron Jobs, you'll find the new task created automatically by WordPress Cron:

automatically added new crown job in cPanel

If you decide to remove the custom setting of WordPress Cron and restore the default one, just click the Disable Optimization button - the optimization status will change to Not Optimized and the button label will change to Optimize.

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