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WordPress Discussion Settings

The Settings Discussion Screen allows you to control settings concerning incoming and outgoing comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. You can also control when your blog should send you e-mail notifying you about certain user comment, you can manage comment filters and you can decide if your blog should show Avatars.

In this article we'll take a look at the options that WordPress offer to manage comments.

Open Administration > Settings > Discussion:

wordpress discussion settings

Default article setting

wordpress discussion settings

These settings may be overridden for individual articles.

Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article - if you check this box, WordPress will send out a ping to a site or article you have linked to in your post.

Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) – if you check this box WordPress will accept or declines the pings from other sites which may reference your site or an article on your site. If this box is checked, pingbacks and trackbacks will appear in the comments section of your posts (on quick edit screen).

wordpress discussion settings

Allow people to post comments on new articles - check this box if you wish to allow comments to your new posts. The easiest way to prevent comment spam is to not allow any comments. If you don’t need comments, you can disable them by default by unchecking this option.

Other comment settings

wordpress discussion settings

Comment author must fill out name and e-mail - the name and e-mail address even obligatory are not verified in any way so do not rely on this option as anti-spam tool.

Users must be registered and logged in to comment - if checked, only logged in registered users will be able to write comments on your site. Safe option to select because during registration the user email address had been verified. If the option is not checked the comment is held for moderation:

wordpress discussion settings

Automatically close comments on articles … - closing comments on posts will limit spam comments.

Enable threaded (nested) comments … - Check this box to enable threaded comments, then from the drop-down box, select the number of levels deep (maximum of 10 levels) you will allow for nested comments. Note that themes need to be specially coded to properly display threaded comments:

wordpress discussion settings

Break comments into pages … - this option defines the way your comments are displayed. You can set how many comments are displayed per Page and if oldest or newest comments are displayed first:

wordpress discussion settings

wordpress discussion settings

Email me whenever

Anyone posts a comment – if you check this box every single comment posted will generate an email to the author of that post.

A comment is held for moderation – if this box is checked WordPress will send notification that a comment is being held for moderation. The email notification is sent to the E-mail address listed in the Administration > Settings > General Screen.

Before a comment appears

Comment must be manually approved - selecting this option will force comments to be approved by a user having the proper role to approve comments.

Comment author must have a previously approved comment - check the box to insure comments are only posted if the comment author's email address matches the address of a previously approved comment, otherwise, the comment is held for moderation.

###Comment Moderation

Hold a comment in the queue if it contains … - enter 1 because you do not want your visitors to leave your site from a link in the comments.

When a comment contains any of these words … - enter specific spam words to filter the comments that contain them.

Comment Blacklist

When a comment contains any of these words in its content … - this text box acts the same as the previous feature except comments which match these words will be deleted without warning.


An avatar is an image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on avatar enabled sites. Here you can enable the display of avatars for people who comment on your site.

wordpress discussion settings

Avatar display

Show Avatars - Check this so comment author avatars are displayed along with the comments.

Maximum Rating

When users create a profile on Gravatar, they are given the opportunity to rate their Gravatar image as G, PG, R, X based on its appropriateness. Select the radio button for the maximum rating you would like displayed on your site.

Default Avatar

WordPress allows for you to select what image you would like to display when a commenter does not have a Gravatar account. Selecting one of the generated icons give you and your users some of the benefits of a Gravatar without requiring them to have a Gravatar account.

Save Changes

Click the Save Changes button to ensure any changes you have made to your Settings are saved to your database.

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