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WordPress Image Gallery

Image galleries are among the most favorite and therefore the most visited parts of every website.

In WordPress we can quickly and easily add an image gallery in our posts and pages (both post types use the same tools, in the example we will create an image gallery in a post).

Insert Gallery

Create a new post or open an existing one for editing and click Add Media button to enter Insert Media screen:

wordpress image gallery

Create Gallery

Click Create Gallery link and from the Create Gallery screen select your images:

wordpress image gallery

If you want to remove a selected image click on it and hover over the check mark and click on the minus symbol:

wordpress image gallery

We recommend you to insert detailed keyword optimized information about every image because this information will be displayed on the attachment page and surely will be found by the search engines:

wordpress image gallery

##Edit Gallery Settings

When you are ready with all images click Create a new gallery button to enter Edit Gallery screen:

wordpress image gallery

Here you can add an image to the gallery by clicking Add to Gallery link.

Click on Reverse order button to re-order all images. Another way to re-order images is by clicking and dragging:

wordpress image gallery

Very important part of gallery creation are the values in Gallery Settings section.

Link To - select Attachment Page because all image information will be displayed there. Also when you click on the image in the Attachment Page it will open the image in full size:

wordpress image gallery

wordpress image gallery

Columns value will depend on the number of images in the gallery and the way you want it be displayed. For example if you have six images you can select 2 or 3 depending on your preferred gallery layout - vertical or horizontal.

If you check the Random Order field upon every page refresh the images will be displayed in different order.

For Size select Medium.

Click Insert gallery button - if you toggle the editor in Text mode you will see the shortcode that includes the gallery:

wordpress image gallery

Click Publish or Update to save the changes and click Preview Post:

wordpress image gallery

If you want to edit any gallery element open the Edit Post screen, click on the gallery in Visual mode and click on Edit button at the top:

wordpress image gallery

You'll be taken to Edit Gallery screen where you can change any image or value.

Gallery Image Size

One vital element for your gallery to look great are the dimensions of all gallery images - they must bi identical.

We are going to add two new images to our gallery that differs in height from other gallery images (960x640) - puppies-6 (960x510) and puppies-5 (960x900):

wordpress image gallery

When we created our gallery we chose the Medium option for Size parameter.

The dimension of Medium image type is defined in Settings > Media, but it scales the images keeping the original image aspect ratio - when original images are different, the re-sized copies are also different and the gallery does not look nice.

Make sure all gallery images have the same dimensions equal and your gallery will look beautiful.

There are lots of suitable free image editors - both online and installable programs you can use to edit (using crop, resize and optimize features) your images before uploading to WordPress.


WordPress offers easy and efficient way to add image gallery in your posts and pages. We hope this information will help you to create image galleries that your site visitors will like.

Of course you can check for hundreds of existing gallery plugins if you have any special requirements.

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