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WordPress Management in cPanel

WordPress Management is a set of tools, developed by the technical team of HostPulse only for our clients in order to help them with the operation and management of their WordPress sites such as installation, security, speed, and resource optimization, backup and recovery, user administration, and more.

Each instrument is presented in detail in a separate article. Here, we will just briefly outline the functionality each one provides.

WordPress Wizard - here you can scan the hosting to index all existing WordPress installations and make them available for all other tools in the WordPress Management section. From here you can access the administration of each site and you can remove test or old WordPress installations with a single click.

WordPress Install - clicking on the section icon directly loads the new WordPress installation interface in Softaculous;

WordPress Optimization - within this interface, you can activate four different optimization tools with a single click - ActiveCache, W3 Total Cache, PageSpeed, and Site Speed-Up (you can also manage each tool separately, of course );

WordPress Security - this tool checks basic WordPress security settings and verifies the correct permissions of the main configuration file wp-config.php;

WordPress Access - from here you can add additional password protection for WordPress dashboard access as well as to manage (create / edit / remove) users and their access levels (Administrators, Editors, Authors, and Contributors) to the site.

WordPress Clone - a valuable tool for cloning a working site in several different ways - in a subdirectory of the existing site, under a different domain or to change the domain of the current site;

WordPress Cron - the tool takes care that WordPress doesn't waste resources on every click via increasing the wp-cron.php intervals;

WordPress Update - allows you to automatically update WordPress core, plugins and themes;

WordPress Checklist - provides an overview of the optimization status and security settings of each WordPress site in the hosting account;

WordPress CDN - a tool for loading static files and images from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and caching requests to load web pages faster.

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