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WordPress Media Library

Media Library is designed to store all media files - images, video files, audio files and any other file types your site is using.

Moreover it provides very useful tools to manage these files before including them in your posts and pages.

In this article we are going to show you how to use WordPress Media Library and its tools.

Access and Explore Media Library

To visit Media Library click Administration > Media > Library link:

wordpress media library

The library provides two main layout types – grid and list and you can toggle between them by clicking on the appropriate icon:

wordpress media library

wordpress media library

WordPress also enables you to filter and search files by file type, upload date, attachment status and keyword.

Clicking on audio file opens a new screen where you can edit file information like title, artist, album, caption and description:

wordpress media library

If you click Edit more details link you can format the description using text editor as well as to set featured image to the attachment URL.:

wordpress media library

Almost identical options are at your disposal to manage video files.

How to Crop Images

But most of your time while blogging you are going to spend on managing image files so let's take a look at image options in Media Library.

Clicking on image will open the Attachment Details screen where you can edit title, caption, description and alt text:

wordpress media library

Clicking on Edit more details link will open Edit Media screen where you can format the description using text editor.

Click on Edit Image button because in this screen you are provided with very useful tools to manipulate your images:

wordpress media library

First place to look at is the image size - 960x640 px. If you are using images directly from your camera they mostly are huge in resolution (over 3.000 x 2.000 pixels) and file size (over 5MB ).

Image sizes above 50K are counted as inappropriate in web development.

In our article WordPress Media Settings we showed you how to check what image sizes your theme supports and how to use image sizes in Settings Media screen.

In the example twentyseventeen theme supports images with 525px width and the theme automatically is resizing a copy of the uploaded image at 768px width.

So here you can set a little bigger image then what your theme supports. You can click on the circles with question mark icon to read the included information.

In short it says that the original ratio width/height will be preserved:

wordpress media library

If you want to save the new image dimensions click Scale button.

In the left side of the screen we have several buttons at the top that provide different types of image manipulations.

Rotate left:

wordpress media library

Rotate right:

wordpress media library

Flip vertically:

wordpress media library

Flip horizontally:

wordpress media library

Use undo button to return to original image state.

The most useful function here is cropping and the user can activate it by clicking inside the image.

Click and drag to create selection:

wordpress media library

Click on the blue circle with question mark icon nearby image crop label to read instructions on how to use the crop tool.

In short these are:

Click and drag over the image – in the boxes at your right side you'll notice the dimensions of the selected area. You can adjust the selection by hovering over the handles or over the dashed border – the mouse will turn into two-way arrow.

If you need to crop at pre-defined dimensions fill these in the Selection fields and the cropped area will adjust accordingly:

wordpress media library

If you want to crop using specific aspect ratio, let's say 8:2 (just for the example), hold shift button and click and drag the selection – as you move the mouse the selected area will follow exactly the ratio and you cannot change it.

wordpress media library

When you are satisfied with the selected area click on the crop button above the image (the first one from left) and click on either buttons – Cancel (to continue cropping) or Save to save the new image dimensions.

Upload files in Media Library

Click Media > Add New:

wordpress media library

and select the files on your computer you want to upload.


We hope the information in this article will help you to show your visitors beautiful quality images without breaking the performance and speed of your pages.

Images downloaded from: pixabay.com

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