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WordPress Press This

WordPress Press This provides a quick and easy way to publish a post by quoting some text, images, and videos from any web page.

Install the Press This bookmarklet from the Tools menu in the WordPress Administration Panel by dragging it in the browser bookmarks bar.

wordpress press this

wordpress press this

You can use the Press This in two ways:

  • While browsing sites click on the Press This bookmarklet
  • Click Open Press This in the Administration, paste the URL and click Scan.

Let's create an example post about the near release of Bootstrap 4 using WordPress Press This bookmarklet.

Enter the URL v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com and select some text from the site:

wordpress press this

Click on the Press This icon in the bookmarks bar:

wordpress press this

Press This copies the site's title, some images, depending on the page design, the selected text (this is optional, you may not select anything) and provides the source URL.

All these content parts appear within a pop-up editor where you can slightly format the content.

Click within the editor where you want the image be placed and click the plus sign on the image:

wordpress press this

The image is actually a link and we can edit the URL (for example to add affiliate id) and shorten the link text.

wordpress press this

We should repeat the process with the source link (the affiliate link is just an example, Bootstrap is free open source framework):

wordpress press this

Now below the selected text you should provide your own short SEO optimized description with one carefully chosen key phrase.

Since we want to emphasize Bootstrap 4 we can edit the name accordingly.

In the bottom right corner we are provided with three additional options to Save Draft, to use the WordPress Standard Editor and to Preview the post:

wordpress press this

When we are fully satisfied with our new post - it is time to publish:

wordpress press this


The reading of this article takes twice longer time than publishing the post. Press This is a hidden pearl inside the WordPress and once you discover its power as a part of a smart marketing strategy you are going to use it daily, or even hourly.

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