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WordPress Sticky Posts

Sticky Posts are posts that are placed at the top of the front page of posts and are kept there until new sticky posts are published. This feature is only available for the built-in post type post and not for custom post types.

How to stick a post

Go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New or Edit.

In the right side menu, click Edit link of Visibility option in Publish group.

Click Stick this post to the front page option, click OK:

wordpress sticky posts

Click Publish or Update button.

If you click on Dashboard > Posts you will notice a label Sticky has been added to the sticky post in the Posts table:

wordpress sticky posts

When you display the post in the browser you will notice it is styled differently to distinguish from other posts.

wordpress sticky posts

Let's create another post Next Post and publish it:

wordpress sticky posts

Although it is created later than Sticky Post Example the sticky posts always stay on the top of 'ordinary' posts:

wordpress sticky posts

You can apply additional styles to the sticky post from the Customizer or in you styles.css file:

wordpress sticky posts

If you want to convert the sticky post to non-sticky go to Dashbord and click Posts. Hover over the post title and click Quick edit link. Below Tags text field uncheck the box in front of Make this post sticky label as you see on the screenshot below:

wordpress sticky posts

If you check the posts table you will notice the sticky label now has disappeared:

wordpress sticky posts

In the browser the posts are following the default post order - the newest post at the top:

wordpress sticky posts

If you have more than one sticky post by default WordPress will display all of them one after another:

wordpress sticky posts

But it makes no sense to have multiple sticky posts displayed sequentially - the power of the sticky post is to be different from the posts near by and to catch readers' attention.

WordPress does not provide an option to change the number of displayed sticky posts therefore you must use a custom loop within your template file to manage the sticky posts.

Another option is to have only one sticky post which to be replaced manually.


Sticky posts are important marketing tool if used smartly to attract the visitors' attention and curiosity and to entice them to click the monetization link.


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