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WordPress Tags

Tags are specific keywords that describe posts' content within certain category. Tags are used to group related posts together and tell readers what a post is about. Tags are similar to, but more specific than categories.

Categories can be arranged in a hierarchy, while the tags are completely self-contained and have no set relationship to anything else.

Tags are not automatically added to a post (as the categories do), they must be added by the author on purpose and their use is entirely optional.

In this article we'll show you how to manage tags in WordPress.

How to add new tags?

In WordPress new tags can be created in three different places:

  • Tags screen
  • Tags panel
  • Quick edit screen

Let's take a look at all available options.

Tags screen

Click Posts > Tags:

wordpress tags

Tag Name Tag Name must be unique.

Tag Slug The Tag slug must be unique. The slug is the URL-friendly version of the name.

Description Tag Descriptions are optional.

Add New Tag Click this button and the new tag will appear within Tag table.

To manage tag hover over the title and select the appropriate link:

wordpress tags

Tags panel

Click Posts > Add New to enter Add New Post screen. You can also click on Post > All Posts and click Edit link for some of the existing articles. Using any method will give you access to Tags panel in the right sidebar.

When you start entering tag name after first two letters WordPress will suggest you existing options if these two letters are found in any of the existing tag names:

wordpress tags

If you have already assigned tags to posts and you click Choose from ... link you can select tags from the tag cloud in the same panel:

wordpress tags

The selected tags will be saved within the panel:

wordpress tags

If you enter new tag, for example Chess WordPress will automatically create the new tag:

wordpress tags

Click Update or Publish button to save the changes and click the link in the Tags panel - the new tag Chess is properly displayed:

wordpress tags

Quick Edit screen

Click Posts > All Posts, hover over any post title and click Quick Edit link.

In this screen you can select from the existing tags or you can create a new tag (Swimming in the example) and WordPress will create it for you:

wordpress tags

Tag cloud

How tags are displayed is theme specific decision. In twentysixteen theme tags are displayed under the post title:

wordpress tags

If someone clicks on the Tag link, a Tag archive page with all the posts belonging to that Tag, will be displayed:

wordpress tags

You can also add very attractive and useful Tag Cloud widget in the sidebar:

wordpress tags

It will display the number of posts each tag has been added to:

wordpress tags

Tags converter

WordPress offers very useful tool Category and Tags Converter if you decide to convert one into another. We showed in a detailed instructions on installing and using this tool in our WordPress Categories article.

Here we'll just repeat the steps:

  • Click Tools > Import
  • Under Categories and Tags Converter click Install Now
  • Click Run Importer
  • Choose the appropriate button at the top of the screen
  • Select the Tags (or Categories) to convert
  • Click Convert ... button


We hope this article will help you to manage your WordPress Tags with understanding and confidence.

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