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WordPress Update in cPanel

This tool offers the ability to automatically update the WordPress core, together with the theme and plugins, used in the site development process. Maintaining WordPress core, theme and plugins updated to the latest version, is very important for the security and functionality of your website.

The possible incompatibility between themes and plugins from one side with the WordPress version from another is the main thing that makes many users unsure concerning automatic updates.

If you notice problems with site's design or functionality after an update, you can easily restore your website by using the R1Soft Restore Backup feature in your cPanel.

Go to cPanel > Manage WordPress > WordPress Update:

Access WordPress update in WordPress Management

On the next screen you'll see a table with the following information for all WordPress installations in the hosting:

table with information for all WordPress sites

  • URL - link to load the site in a new browser window;
  • Path - path to the site's installation directory;
  • Version - shows the WordPress version;
  • WP autoupdate - WordPress auto-update status;
  • Plugins autoupdate - WordPress plugins auto-update status;
  • Themes autoupdate - WordPress theme auto-update status;
  • Options - clicking the Configure Auto Update button allow you to manage the site-specific options in a new panel.

Click the Configure Auto Update button on the site's row whose update settings you want to change:

automatic update activation interface

To enable automatic updates, you must check the appropriate box:

Auto Upgrade WordPress - updating WordPress core is highly recommended if you do not have any custom code added.

Auto Upgrade Plugins - automatic plugin updates are recommended when your plugins comply with the WordPress coding standards.

Auto Upgrade Themes - automatic updating of WordPress themes is only recommended for themes that are compatible with the latest (1-2) versions.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

A text message will appear to the right side of the button to confirm the successful saving - Changes saved!

We also suggest you consider the following update scheme:

Turn off automatic updating of your official WordPress site along with plugins and themes. When you get a message that new updates are available, clone the site into a sub-directory, load the cloned copy, and activate the updates. Then test the basic site's functionalities, check the design details. When you make sure everything is OK, you can update the official site.

That way, your site won't even have a one-second downtime due to a failed update.

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