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WordPress Wizard in cPanel

In a series of articles, we will introduce you to a set of WordPress management tools available in your cPanel. These tools (as well as many others) are developed by HostPulse's own tech team and are only available for web hosting and WordPress hosting clients, although implemented in cPanel.

To access the WordPress Wizard, you must log in cPanel and click the WordPress Wizard link in the WordPress Management section:

WordPress Wizard access link in the WordPress Management section

The following screen will load a table with information about current WordPress installations. We recommend performing a new scan by clicking the Scan button to avoid errors due to caching and to ensure that you have access to all WordPress installations.

The table contains the following information:

information about all WordPress sites

  • Name - shows site's name;
  • URL - link to load the site in a new browser window;
  • Path - path to the site's installation directory;
  • Version - shows the WordPress version;
  • Action - the column contains two buttons: Login as admin and Remove Installation;

After clicking the Login as admin button you are instantly logged in the administration of the corresponding WordPress installation:

Login as admin in WordPress

WordPress dashboard

If you want to remove completely the WordPress installation just click the Remove Installation button:

Removing WordPress installation

A new confirmation window will appear, click the OK button to confirm the deletion:

confirm the deletion of WordPress installation

The great benefit of this tool is that it allows managing all WordPress installations from a single interface.

You just open the WordPress Wizard tool and perform a new scan for a few seconds. Now you can click the link in the table to open the site, you can enter the administration or you can remove the installation by clicking the corresponding button for all WordPress sites in your hosting.

You no longer need to check which domains and subdomains in your hosting are running WordPress sites, no need to check the contents of the installation directories through the file manager or to search through SSH for wp-config.php to find all WordPress installations.

The WordPress Wizard provides you with all the information and all the access tools you need.

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