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Whois Contact Information Management

The first step is to log in to your customer account by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner on our website and then enter the access data - first the username, then the password, in two consecutive forms.

Manage contact information

The easiest way to check your existing contact information is to click on any of the three links in that area: the user icon, the email address or the arrow:

Links to access the contact information panel

The current contact information in your profile will appear on the screen:

Current contact information

You can edit any entry in the profile by clicking the pencil icon:

Edit the profile data

To change the customer account password click the change password link (next to the Password label). In the new window enter the current (old) password and enter and confirm the new password, click the Save button to save the new password or click Cancel to keep the current one:

Change the profile password

To add a secondary contact email (might be the email of your associate, developer or designer …) click the plus sign next to the My email address heading. In the new screen enter the email address, if you want you can add an optional description below and click the Save button to save it:

Add a secondary contact email

To change the primary email address click the pencil icon in next to the Registration email label. In the new window enter the new email address and click the Save button:

Change the primary email address

Warning: the primary email is the main authentication channel - make sure it is written without errors and the mailbox is working correctly. We recommend using a separate mailbox for your private business correspondence.

You can add also a business contact data by clicking the plus sign next to the My company heading. In the new window enter your business information and click the Save button:

Add business contact data

If you need a secondary profile you can add one by clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner in the Secondary profiles area:

Open the Secondary profiles panel

In the new window you must enter the data that will be associated with this secondary profile:

Add a secondary profile data

Manage WHOIS contact information

Now you can use your primary profile or any of your secondary profiles when you purchase a domain name. The data in the corresponding profile will be used by the domain registrar and will be shown in the WHOIS information for that particular domain.

If you want to edit some of the WHOIS data you must edit the corresponding entry in the profile, used during the domain registration.

When you change details in a profile which are used for domain registration, the changes will update the registrar’s database immediately, but it will take a longer time for the WHOIS generators to renew their cache (usually in the range of 24 hours).

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