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Advanced Zone Editor in cPanel

cPanel & WHM Version 62 announced the planned removal of the Simple Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor in the next versions, and recommended the use of the Zone Editor interface. Since version 70, the two obsolete editors are not available in cPanel & WHM.

DNS (Domain Name Service) is the component of the Internet that converts human-readable domain names (for example, example.com) into computer-readable IP addresses (for example, DNS uses zone files that reside on your server to map domain names to IP addresses.

There are several different types of records in a domain's zone file. Advanced Zone Editor allows you to create, edit, and delete A, AAAA, CNAME (Canonical Name Record), SRV (Service Record), and TXT (Text Record) records.

To enter Advanced Zone Editor interface go to cPanel > Domains and click on Advanced Zone Editor link:

cpanel advanced zone editor

Select a Domain

If your account owns more than one domain, select the domain that you wish to manage from the Domain menu.

cpanel advanced zone editor

Reset zone files

This feature erases any modifications that you made to your zone records. The system attempts to save the domain's TXT entries. We recommend that you write down any changes that you wish to save before you use this feature.

To reset your DNS zone files to the hosting defaults perform the following steps:

Click more link:

cpanel advanced zone editor

Select the checkbox in front of the text: "Are you sure that you wish to erase all of your entries and revert to the default state?"

cpanel advanced zone editor

Click Reset Zone File.

Add a record

Select a record type:

cpanel advanced zone editor

A - this record maps hostnames to IP addresses. A records are essential because they allow DNS servers to identify and locate your website and its various services on the Internet. Without appropriate A records, your visitors cannot access your website, FTP site, or email accounts.

cPanel configures your DNS records so that visitors can resolve your website and its services, such as FTP and email. Only add A records when you add a service that cPanel & WHM or your service provider does not provide.

AAAA - this record maps hostnames to IPv6 addresses.

CNAME - this record creates an alias for another domain name, which DNS looks up. This is useful, for example, if you point multiple CNAME records to a single A record in order to simplify DNS maintenance.

Note: You cannot point a CNAME record at an IP address.

SRV - this record provides information about available services on specific ports on your server.

The SRV record must point at a hostname with an A (or AAAA) record. You cannot point an SRV record at a CNAME record.

TXT - this record contains text information for various services to read. For example, TXT records can specify data for the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) or DKIM (Domain Keys Mail Identifier) email authentication systems.

Enter the appropriate information for the record type that you select.

cpanel advanced zone editor

Click Add Record.

All existing DNS records will be listed in the Zone File Records table. You can edit or delete an existing DNS record by clicking on the Edit or Delete links next to each record in the table.

cpanel advanced zone editor

Edit a record

Click Edit next to the record that you wish to edit.

Change the information in the text boxes as necessary.

cpanel advanced zone editor

Click Edit Record to save your changes, or click cancel to discard them.

Delete a record

Click Delete next to the record that you wish to remove.

cpanel advanced zone editor

Click Delete to confirm the deletion.


We hope the information in this tutorial help to easily manage the DNS records in your cPanel hosting.

Reference: documentation.cpanel.com

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