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Change cPanel Password

It is a good practice to change the cPanel access password periodically.

In an effort to increase security, some companies require users to change their account passwords over a period of time by automatically loading a password change interface instead of the usual login form.

cPanel does not implement such a rigorous policy regarding the age of passwords but offers an interface through which the current password can be changed.

In this article we'll show you how to change your current cPanel password.

Log in cPanel with your hosting credentials.

Go to Preferences section and click on Password & Security link:

cpanel password

To change your password, enter the information in the text fields:

  • Old Password - enter your current password
  • New Password - enter your new password
  • New Password (Again): retype to confirm the new password
  • Strength - do not underestimate the password strength. We strongly recommend using the Password Generator to create your password. Read our detailed overview of password generator features.
  • Enable Digest Authentication - if you do not have any specific requirements, do not check this box. In short, it helps your computer to connect your Web Disc over unsecure unencrypted connection.

cpanel password

Click Change your password now!

Your CPanel password is changed.

The new password takes effect immediately.

Now cPanel will automatically destroy any current session you are logged into, such as FTP, MySQL, Email or SSH.

Now you must update your password if any app rely on it to connect, and you must log in again.

We remind you not to use the cPanel user and password to access these services, but create a separate user and password for each user account or database.


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