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cPanel Cloudflare Service

What is CDN?

The core feature of the Cloudflare service is the CDN functionality. The abbreviation CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and as the name suggest its basic usage is for distributing your website across several network independent locations around the globe.

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Currently the Cloudflare network is powered by 118 data centers around the world. In every single one of these 118 locations, Cloudflare is using a Data Center to host their own infrastructure.

How does the CDN service work?

The CDN service is automatically caching a copy of a website on each one of these locations. To be more precise - only the static elements of your website are cached there – like CSS, HTML and Javascript while the dynamic elements are still loaded form the web hosting server your website is hosted at.

The static elements are closer to the end user and since those are the largest portion of the website they are loaded fast because of the Cloudflare CDN.

As a result the website loads at least twice as fast to the end user than it normally does when loaded from a webhosting server directly.

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Railgun Origin Network Optimizer

Railgun ensures that the connection between the origin server and the Cloudflare network is as fast as possible.

Railgun compresses previously uncacheable web objects by leveraging techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This results in an average 200% additional performance increase.

cpanel cdn cloudflare

How Can Cloudflare Offer a Free Service?

According to Cloudflare, everything on the Internet (services and information) should be done as quickly as possible.

Using its own advanced service system as well as interaction with other vendors, Cloudflare always strives to reach the closest to zero costs.

Cloudflare are committed to offer a free version with an up-to-date set of features.

Cloudflare's paid plans offer top-level services at reasonable prices. Cloudflare are convinced that when someone tests the quality of their free service they will choose to upgrade.

Configure Cloudflare from cPanel

Go to cPanel > Software and click on Cloudflare link:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Select your domain name and log in your Cloudflare account, if you already have one:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

cpanel cdn cloudflare

or create a new account:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Next Cloudflare will scan your domains' DNS records:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Your domain is activated on their CDN infrastructure:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Select your plan:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

In order to use Cloudflare services you must change the nameservers of your domain with the noted ones:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

Untill the nameservers are updating your site gets a pending status meaning it is still loading from the origin hosting server:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

When nameservers are transferred you can review all available settings in your cPanel:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

In Home screen you can set the Caching Level, to activate Railgun or to Purge Cache in order to force Cloudflare to fetch a fresh version of those files from your web server.

In Domains screen you can see the status of your domain as well as all subdomains:

cpanel cdn cloudflare

In Analytics tab you are provided with useful traffic statictics:

cpanel cdn cloudflare


Cloudflare can make your websites faster and safer.

If your site is hosted in Europe, your Chinese, South American or Australian visitors or customers may have trouble loading your website from Europe.

When you use Cloudflare CDN, you do not have to worry about where your customers come from because Cloudflare has already made sure that your site loads at the fastest possible speed worldwide.

Reference: Cloudflare images are taken from www.cloudflare.com/cdn/


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