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Manage Domains in CPanel

In this tutorial we'll show you how to manage your domains in CPanel:

  • How to create addon domain
  • How to create subdomain
  • How to create wildcard record
  • How to park domain (create alias)

Let's start by distinguishing between the types of domain names in a hosting account.

Main domain - the domain name with which the hosting account is registered - maindomain.com

Addon domain - a fully functional domain name addondomain.com that is added to the hosting account maindomain.com. The addon domain uses all of the main domain functionalities in the hosting account.

Parked domain - a domain name that does not load own site but is parked to another domain and loads its site.

The most common use of parked domains is trademark branding - the same domain name is registered in the most common DNS zones - .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu, and the domains are parked to the maindomain.com.

Another reason to park multiple domains is because of often misspelling of the primary domain name. The misspelled names are registered and parked to the main domain and load the main site.

Subdomains are used when the webmaster wants to add independent additional sites to its main website maindomain.com - forum.maindomain.com, blog.maindomain.com, gallery.maindomain.com etc. without registering separate domain names.

Create an Addon Domain in CPanel

Login your CPanel hosting, find Domains section and click on Addon Domains link.

Enter the domain name hostpulse-addon.com:

cpanel domain names

CPanel will configure the addon domain as a subdomain of your main hosting domain.

That's why it will create a subdomain taking the first part (the name without the extension) of your addon domain hostpulse-addon.

So your addon domain website will be also accessible as hostpulse-addon.maindomain.com:

cpanel domain names

Of course the addon domain is also configured successfully and the site can be accessed in a browser:

cpanel domain names

The new addon domain will appear in the table below the form and you can edit its root folder, you can manage its redirection or you can remove the addon record by clicking the corresponding link:

cpanel domain names

We want to draw your attention to a specific detail which can confuse some cpanel users.

If you want to add another addon domain with the same name but with different extension - hostpulse-addon.net:

cpanel domain names

CPanel will suggest automatically the same subdomain hostpulse-addon and if you click the button you'll get an error:

cpanel domain names

The solution is very simple - you must edit the suggested subdomain name to something unique - hostpulse-addon-net:

cpanel domain names

and the error is gone:

cpanel domain names

If you check the box in front of Create an FTP account … additional fields will appear where you can register an associated FTP account with access only to the addon website root folder:

cpanel domain names

You can find the account details in Files > FTP Accounts:

cpanel domain names

For FTP server you can also use your addon domain hostpulse-addon.com or ftp.hostpulse-addon.com, or your hosting server's IP address.


To create a subdomain in CPanel open Domains and click on Subdomains link.

First from the Domain dropdown menu select the domain name and then fill the subdomain name in the Subdomain field above.

CPanel will suggest the subdomain name as a directory name, but you can edit it to something more descriptive.

Click Create button to register the subdomain:

cpanel domain names

The subdomain is created successfully:

cpanel domain names

and the site is accessible in a browser:

cpanel domain names

Create a Wildcard DNS Record

A wildcard DNS record is a record in a DNS zone that will direct the requests for all subdomains (even the non-existent ones) to the domain's IP address.

A wildcard DNS record is using a * symbol as the leftmost label (part) of a domain name, e.g. *.example.com meaning all or any - asdf.example.com, 1234.example.com etc.

To create wildcard record open Subdomain screen, select the domain name from the dropdown menu and enter the * sign (Shift+8 in Windows) in the Subdomain field.

For a document root enter the domain root folder - all non-existent and all misspelled subdomains will be redirected to the main domain site.

If you want certain subdomain to open own site you must configure it as a separate subdomain with own root directory - the example with subdomain.hostpulse-addon.com:

cpanel domain names


You can park a domain name in cpanel from the Aliases screen.

Domain aliases make your website available from another domain name. For example, you can make hostpulse-alias.com show content from hostpulse-addon.com:

cpanel domain names

The domain will be added in a table below - click Manage Redirection link:

cpanel domain names

Enter the redirection URL:

cpanel domain names

When we enter in the address bar hostpulse-alias.com immediately the server will change the domain to hostpulse-addon.com:

cpanel domain names


Setting up the domain names correctly is important step for every website administrator. If you are facing even the smallest difficulties please contact our support department and our colleagues will help you gladly.

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