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Terminal in cPanel

The Terminal interface allows you to directly access a command-line interface (CLI) application in a browser within a cPanel or WHM session.

Attention: The commands you enter in this interface can make your server unusable. We strongly recommend that only users with CLI experience use this feature.

This interface is displayed only if the following two conditions are met:

  • your hosting plan includes shell access (SSH) feature;
  • your hosting provider has activated the SSH Access & Terminal feature in the Feature Manager interface (WHM > Home > Packages > Feature Manager).

To access the terminal interface in cPanel, you must log in to your cPanel account and navigate to the terminal interface (cPanel > Home > Advanced > Terminal) or enter terminal in the search box:

cpanel terminal

Before you can access the terminal application, you need to read and accept the warning message. Click I understand and want to proceed button:

cpanel terminal

This message will not be displayed in future sessions.

In the terminal you can run SSH commands to manage the files and processes in your hosting:

cpanel terminal

How do we end the current session?

When you complete a session in the Terminal application, it terminates access to the terminal interface window. To open another session, click Reconnect or refresh (with F5 key) the browser session.

View our article on basic SSH commands to see some of the basic features you can use in Terminal.

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