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MySQL Database Wizard

This is not a hidden way to manage MySQL databases through spells instead of using SQL commands. This is a very convenient step-by-step interface for creating a new database in cPanel.

Login your cPanel, find Databases section and click the MySQL Database Wizard link:

MySQL Database Wizard link in cPanel

Enter a short but descriptive database name:

Create a new database

Choose your database username being careful about these things:

  • Make sure the username is different from the database name as a step to a higher security level;
  • Always use the password generator to create unique and impossible to guess passwords;
  • Make sure to write down the password because if you fail to do so, you must go to MySQL Databases screen, Current Users section and change the password for this user;
  • When you register your software to use MySQL database you must use the full name of the database and the username and not just the name you have entered because cPanel automatically adds the cPanel username in front of both names:

Use the password generator

Enter a new database user

To add a user to the database means to grant that user permissions to execute certain commands and to manage the database information.

Just select ALL PRIVILEGES box and click Next Step button:

Grant the user all privileges in the database

Your database is created and ready to use:

the database is ready to be used

These four rows are actually links, and if you click:

  • Add another database - you'll return to step one to create a new database;
  • Add another user for your MySQL database - you'll return to step two to add another database user;
  • Return to MySQL Databases - you'll be redirected to MySQL Databases screen;
  • Return Home - you'll be redirected to cPanel main screen;


We recommend new cPanel users to create databases using MySQL Database Wizard is a proven, easy and almost error-free method.

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