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Create Email Account in Outlook 2013

In this article we'll help you create account in Outlook 2013 and send your first message.

Configure New Outlook 2013 Mail Account

Open Outlook from the desktop icon or from the Windows start menu.

Select Yes radio button and click Next button on the first screen:


Select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next button:


Select POP or IMAP radio button and click Next button:


Enter account information for your email account which we have already prepared (Check Email Account Common Settings article) and click More settings button:


Type your account name, business name and reply email (usually the same email address) and click Outgoing Server tab:


This is one of the most frequent errors in Outlook - the box before My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication must be checked as it is shown on the screenshot below.

At the end of this article we'll show you how you can edit any account settings.

Click on Advanced tab to define the connection type.


From the dropdown menu select SSL for both servers and enter the corresponding values in the Port fields:

Incoming server (IMAP) - 993

Outgoing server (SMTP) - 465

Click OK to test the connection.


The Outlook test is successful so we click the Close button to close test window and Finish button on the next screen to complete the configuration process.

mail-outlook-account-setup mail-outlook-account-setup

Test Outlook 2013 mail account

Our new account is properly listed in Outlook and now let's make our own test.


We are going to follow the same pattern from our Thunderbird article - from our test email account in Gmail we are going to send a message to our mail box and few seconds later the message appeared in our Outlook account:


Let's send a reply - we are adding few words and hit Send button:


We checked our Gmail account and found the reply:

mail-outlook-account-setup mail-outlook-account-setup


You have a properly configured Outlook 2013 mail account.

How to Repair, Change or Remove Outlook 2013 account

Start Outlook and click File > Account Settings as seen on the screenshot below:


In the next window you'll see listed all active Outlook accounts.


If you want to remove an existing account - select it in the table and click button Remove.

If you want to repair an existing account click to select the account, then click Repair button and you'll be able to repeat all configuration steps starting from Auto/Manual Account Setup window.

If you want to change/edit an existing account click to select the account, then click Change button and you can start editing from POP and IMAP Account Settings window.


Click More Settings button to check connection type settings or if My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication case is checked:



Outlook is a feature rich and probably the most advanced mail client. We encourage you to invest additional time to research its many different options and find which ones best suit your purposes.

In our next article we'll cover how to create mail account on Mac OS computer.

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