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Default Email Address in cPanel

Sometimes our customers are contacting us with discontent that they have not received an important email. When we check the mail server logs it appears that the sender has incorrectly typed their email address and because of that reason the letter has not reached the recipient.

Fortunately, cPanel provides a very convenient interface where we can configure a mail account which will automatically receive all invalid emails sent to this domain.

This interface allows us to set up a default email address (catch-all address) that receives any mail for an invalid email address for the domain. You can also define how the default address handles incoming messages.

To enter the Default Address interface go to cPanel > Email and click Defautl Address link:

cpanel default email address

Default Address Maintenance

To set a default address for your domain, perform the following steps.

Select the domain for which you wish to set a default address:

cpanel default email address

Select one of the following options:

  • Send an error message to the sender. Enter an error message in the Failure Message (seen by sender) text box:

cpanel default email address

  • Forward to Email Address - select this option to forward mail to another address. Enter the email address or your cPanel account's username in the Forward to Email Address text box.

cpanel default email address

Click Advanced Options to view the following additional options:

  • Forward to your system account - select this option to forward mail to the system account. The default email account is used to catch mail that is unrouted. The username and password of the default account is the same as your cPanel account login. The default account cannot be deleted and has no quota. If you select this option you can access the system account from URL: https://hostpulse-demo.net:2096 with your cPanel username and password.

  • Pipe to a Program - select this option to parse and enter email information into a different system. For example, use the Pipe to a Program option to pipe email information to a program that enters email information into a ticket system.

  • Discard (Not Recommended) - select this option to delete incoming messages without a failure notice. We do not recommend this option, because the sender will not know that the delivery failed.

cpanel default email address

Click Change.

A confirmation message will be displayed:

Note: cPanel will forward all unrouted email for hostpulse-demo.net to default@hostpulse-demo.net.


We hope this information will help you to set catch-all email address and you'll never miss a mail message because of misspelling.

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