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Email Accounts Common Settings

The use of secure and feature rich email communications is one of the core components of the modern hi-tech hosting segment.

In the next few articles we will show you the most important first steps in creating an email account as well as configuring some of the most popular and widely used email clients.

Email Account Settings

At this point, we assume that you already have created a mailbox with your domain name and that you have the necessary data written correctly.

Here are all necessary settings for our test mail, which we will use when configuring accounts with it in the different mail programs.

When working with your mail box you must replace our example data with your own, of course.

For the sake of achieving maximum security we are going to use SSL/TLS connection.

  • Account name - Example Mail
  • Username - example@your-domain.tld
  • Password - strong mailbox password
  • Account Type - IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server - imap-mail-server.tld
  • IMAP SSL Port - 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server - smtp-mail-server.tld
  • SMTP SSL Port - 465

Using Free Email Service

If you want to use a mailbox from an external email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) you will need SMTP and IMAP server names from the particular provider.

We are going to create an example account to Gmail mail box:

  • Account name - Example Gmail
  • Username - example@gmail.com
  • Password - strong mailbox password
  • Account Type - IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server - smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP SSL Port - 465
  • Outgoing Mail Server - imap.gmail.com
  • IMAP SSL Port - 993

Important: Do not use insecure or common passwords, we recommend that you use a strong password, preferably automatically generated by a website like www.strongpasswordgenerator.com

In the next article, we'll show you how to configure a mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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