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GnuPG Encryption in cPanel

Brief information about GnuPG

OpenPGP software uses a combination of strong public-key and symmetric cryptography to provide security services for electronic communications and data storage. These services include confidentiality, key management, authentication, encryption, compression, and digital signatures.

PGP(Pretty Good Privacy) is a family of software systems developed by Philip R. Zimmermann from which OpenPGP is based.

GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard), also called GPG is an OpenPGP implementation that avoids all encumbered algorithms.

GnuPG keys use the public key approach for encryption. Servers that use GnuPG keys encrypt outbound messages with a public key. Only the intended recipient, who has the private key, can decrypt the message.

To enter Enctyption interface go to cPanel > Email and click Encrpyption link:

cpanel email encryption

Create a New Key

Enter your information in the Create a New Key text boxes.

cpanel email encryption

Use the password generator to create a secure password. Make sure to write down the password in a file because there is no way to recover it. If you lose your password you must create a new GnuPG keys and replace the old key everywhere you are using it:

cpanel email encryption

Use an appropriate expiration date for your key. The system defaults to one year (1y):

cpanel email encryption

Select the key size from the Key Size menu.

cpanel email encryption

Click Generate Key. A confirmation message will appear:

cpanel email encryption

The new keys will be added in two separate tables:

cpanel email encryption

cpanel email encryption

Import a key

To import an existing GnuPG key copy and paste the private key into the available text box:

cpanel email encryption

Click Import. The system will automatically install the key:

cpanel email encryption

The imported keys will appear in Public Keys and Private Keys tables:

6922081A [1024D] importedkey (importedkey) (hostpulse@hostpulse-demo.net)

View keys

You can view the existing keys if you click the View link in Public Keys and Private Keys tables:

cpanel email encryption

cpanel email encryption

Delete keys

If you want to delete a key pair and you try with the public key first the system will return an error:

Sorry, you must delete the secret key before removing the public key.

cpanel email encryption

When you delete and confirm the deletion of the private key the system will automatically delete the corresponding public key also.


There is no easier and faster way to generate GnuPG keys than do it in cPanel. In separate articles we will show you how you can use GnuPG keys to encrypt email in Horde webmail as well as in Thunderbird mail client.

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