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Connect to your Hosting via SSH

SSH, also known as Secure Socket Shell, is a network protocol that provides secure access to a remote computer or server. SSH uses a client-server model to authenticate both parties and encrypt the information between them.

In this article, we'll show you how to make an SSH connection with your hosting.

SSH hosting connection from a Windows computer

For this purpose, you must have a SSH client installed on your computer. We recommend that you use the free SSH client for Windows PuTTy. Download the program from the official website www.putty.org and install it on your PC computer.

SSH access may not be included as a free service in the low level hosting plans and to be activated for these plans, it must be purchased as an additional option.

SSH access, even if it is included as a service in the Hosting plan, is not enabled by default. If you want to enable SSH access, you should contact the technical support.

Upon activating SSH access for the hosting, you will receive an email with the required SSH connection data:

  • Server IP address
  • SSH port
  • cPanel username
  • cPanel password

Once the SSH client is installed and SSH access to the hosting server is activated, it only remains to enter the correct SSH client data.

Run the Putty SSH client on your computer and enter the following data into the program interface:

Host Name (or IP address) - The IP address or host name of the hosting server.

Port - 22022 (SSH default port is 22, but HostPulse uses a different port on shared hosting servers for higher security).

The name of your hosting server and its IP address can be found in the activation email, received when the hosting service is purchased.

Connection type - SSH.

Click the Open button to start the connection process:

ssh connection hosting

When you first connect to the server, you will be asked if you accept the RSA2 server key. It is a cryptographic key whose function is to encrypt the information exchanged between the server and the client.

Click Accept to accept the key:

ssh connection hosting

On the next screen after login as: enter your cPanel username.

On the next line, enter the cPanel password in one of the following ways:

  • If you enter the password on the keypad absolutely no characters will appear on the screen because this is the way SSH protocol is working - after typing the entire password, press the Enter button.
  • If you have copied the password from a file, just right-click in the screen to paste the password and press the Enter button.

ssh connection hosting

When correct access data is entered, the SSH connection is successfully established:

ssh connection hosting

SSH connection from Linux or OS X computer

Users with Linux or OS X computers must open a terminal:

Linux Ubuntu - type the Ctrl + Alt + T command on the keyboard or in the search box Ubuntu Dash start typing 'terminal` as shown in the image:

ssh connection hosting

OS X - Open the Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. Click the Terminal application:

ssh connection hosting

In the open terminal, run the following command:

ssh -p portnumber cpaneluser@serverip


  • portnumber - with SSH port on HostPulse 22022,
  • cpaneluser - with your cPanel user,
  • serverip - with the IP address of the hosting server.

ssh -p 22022 icndemo@

Then enter the cPanel password in one of the ways described above.

You can now manage processes, directories, and files in your hosting via a secure SSH connection.

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