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FileZilla FTP Client Settings

In this article, we will help you install and set up the free FTP client FileZilla in order to quickly and securely transfer files between your computer and the web hosting server following these steps:

  • Download and install FileZilla
  • How to configure program settings
  • How to configure Site Manager

Download and Install FileZilla

First download the latest version of the program from the official developer site by selecting the most suitable version for your Operation System (OS): FileZilla FTP Client Download

Once you have finished the installation, start the program by clicking the icon on your desktop:

FileZilla desktop icon

Manage Settings

There are a few important settings that we recommend you to check despite the fact that most of them are usually the default settings. Click Edit > Settings to open the configuration window:

FileZilla desktop icon

Make sure the passive mode is selected:

FileZilla passive mode

Choose the number for simultaneous transfers, we do not recommend a value higher than 4:

FileZilla simultaneous transfers

Select the transfer type - the default value is Auto, but you may find yourself in a situation where certain program would require either ASCII or Binary upload type for selected directories or files. This is where the necessary changes are to be made.

FileZilla transfer type

Choose an update period:

FileZilla update

Click OK button to save the new settings.

Configure Site Manager

Now we are going to configure FileZilla to connect automatically to the hosting server, so we do not have to enter the same access data over and over again.

Click File > Site Manager:

FileZilla Site Manager

At this point, we assume that you have already created an FTP user to your hosting account and you have the necessary access information:

  • FTP server
  • FTP user
  • FTP password

You can also use your cPanel username and password as login credentials but we recommend you to create and use separate FTP accounts.

First in the My Sites window click New Site and enter site name or a descriptive name that you would like for this connection.

In the Protocol and Encryption fields select FTP - File Transfer Protocol and Use explicit FTP over TLS if available (as you see on the screenshot below) - thus way you are going to have secure FTP connection even for hosting plans that does not support SSH.

For Logon Type choose Normal to activate User and Password fields.

In the Host, User and Password fields, enter the correct information for your FTP user (or your cPanel username and password).

For Host name you can use the IP address of the hosting server, your own domain name your-own-domain.tld (if it is active and configured correctly) or subdomain ftp.your-own-domain.tld.

FileZilla Site Manager

Let's see what other configuration options we have in the next three tabs.

Advanced - here you can limit the connections between one local and one remote directory, a method which is rarely used.

Transfer Settings - in the previous step we used to set these values within the Settings configuration panel so here you can adjust those settings for every single FTP account.

Charset - since UTF-8 is almost universally suitable charset in very rare cases you might need to set different charset under Use Custom Charset option.

To finish the configuration process click Connect button.


If the configuration is correct, FileZilla will establish a successful connection to the server and the directories and files from the server will be loaded into the right window of FileZilla:

FileZilla successful connection

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